France lags behind in its “cyber culture”

French, bad cybersecurity students? This is what follows from a study commissioned by Terranova Security and the Ipsos polling institute, which examined cybersecurity awareness among the working population in France, Canada, the US, the US, the UK and Australia. The survey was conducted this summer among 4,000 people aged 18 to 75 in these five countries.

While 38% of respondents indicated that their company has implemented a mandatory awareness program, for French workers this figure drops to 25%. In addition, only 29% of them claim to have completed the course, while the average for all other countries is 49%.

Not surprisingly, the main reason why the French have not received awareness training is the lack of supply from companies. This is the opinion of 70% of them, while only 53% of respondents of all nationalities say it most often.

French exception

The French also stand out in this study in that they prefer face-to-face learning modules when needed, while other countries prefer online courses. “Remote work is even less common in France than in North America, the UK and Australia. It is logical to assume that the French are most fond of face-to-face education,” said Anselme Laubier from Ipsos.

The issue of remote work is far from anecdotal because its emergence “strengthened the notion of shared responsibility in terms of cybersecurity at the level of the company’s IT infrastructure, but especially at the level of employees who can identify risks but who do not yet have the necessary reflexes,” Mr. – Mr Lobier. The study shows that 37% of respondents would pay less attention to cybersecurity when working remotely.

Best Practice

Whether they have received any training or not, the survey indicates that “cybersecurity culture is slow to develop and can be strengthened by training”, but again with some inconsistencies. When asked about best practices for preventing cyberattacks, only 38% of French people mentioned that they have different passwords for each account, compared to an average of 50% among those surveyed.

Finally, the study shows that this French “weakness” in the development of their cyber culture is not without consequences: 27% of French people say they have personally been the victim of a scam or intrusion, compared to 14% in the UK. For example.

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