Technology, Canal + and Netflix: which very good French series to devour this weekend?

With the arrival of Salto, the French SVoD platform, the serial offer is always more exponential and it is never easy to make a choice. Between Netflix, Prime Video, OCS, Disney +, Canal + or and, the competition is tough.

Fortunately, the editorial staff of has sorted it out and concocted a top 3 of the unmissable French series for you to have a good time this weekend. Between animation with Lastman, the safe bet Ten percent (season 4) and the current phenomenon The flame, There will be something for everyone.

Which French series to discover this weekend in streaming or replay?

An excellent anime for adults: Lastman  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 8.7/ 10

In short

An irresponsible boxer, Richard Aldana finds himself having to take care of young Siri, the daughter of his deceased best friend. Problem: the little one is hunted down by a sect of fanatics who sees in her a key to open another world. As Aldana will quickly understand, the threat is anything but ordinary and without it Siri is lost.

Why we recommend

Who says entertainment does not necessarily mean a program reserved for children. Lastman is the proof! A prequel to the eponymous comic, the series available on Netflix is ​​the work of Balak, co-author of the comics, and Jérémie Perin.

On the program: 26 episodes of 13 minutes in which all genres mingle. There are many comic elements, codes of thriller, horror, fantasy … Not to mention the two pillars that will prevent watching Lastman in the family: violence and eroticism.

The dads of Crisis Jung, another animated series, didn’t skimp on crude language, explicit scenes, and hemoglobin, integral parts of Aldana’s life. Nevertheless, the show knows how to use these springs to tell something about the characters, to move the story forward.

It’s a generous series, which manages to avoid unnecessary scenes and developments. Throughout the episodes, we quickly get attached to the characters and the many cliffhangers do not leave indifferent. Lastman is a kind of UFO in the landscape of French series and we could not advise you too much to consume it without moderation.

Watch on Netflix.

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A reference series: Ten percent (season 4)  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 8.5/ 10

In short

Nothing is right at ASK! Since Mathias’s departure and Hicham’s withdrawal, the agency has suffered its biggest crisis and many talents have left the ship. Andréa, Gabriel, Arlette and the others must do everything to get their heads out of the water and prevent all their clients from going to the competition.

Why we recommend

In three seasons, Ten percent has managed to climb among the best French series. Once again, there are beautiful people at the rendezvous of this season 4, broadcast on France Télévisions and available in replay.

This expected return is full of melancholy, it is the last lap for Camille Cottin, Grégory Montel, Laure Calamy and their comrades. For this last season, the series has therefore decided to involve more and more stars. We therefore find Charlotte Gainsbourg, Franck Dubosc, José Garcia, Jean Reno, Sandrine Kiberlain … and even the American actress Sigourney Weaver!

In all, it’s about twenty celebrities, for roles or simple cameos, who meet in the offices of ASK. But Ten percent cannot be reduced to its prestigious cast. This season 4 is also the moment to take stock of the life of our favorite agents, between professional and sentimental setbacks, and to hope, again and again, that the future is favorable to them.

For this, we count on the new showrunners, Vianney Lebasque and Victor Rodenbach, to end the series with the greatest tenderness. For now, the bet is held. The conclusion of Ten percent is there and we can not help but have a little pang in the heart. But if, like us, you don’t want to leave them yet, know that the first three seasons are also available on Netflix and that it’s never too late to (re) get started.

To see on

  • Watch the Season 4 Trailer:

A very funny parody: The Flame  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 7/ 10


Marc, a single airline pilot, is looking for the woman of his life. For this, he can count on The flame. The famous reality TV show will perhaps allow him to find love with one of the thirteen candidates who have only one goal: to seduce him! Between trials, meetings and eliminations, feelings will be created and hearts are likely to be shaken up.

Why we recommend

Adapted from the American series Burning Love, The flame, available on myCanal, has an impressive cast and one goal: to make us laugh. Around Jonathan Cohen, we therefore find Leïla Bekhti, Ana Girardot, Géraldine Nakache, Doria Tillier, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Florence Foresti, Laure Calamy, Camille Chamoux and Vincent Dedienne, among others. Without forgetting many guests throughout these 9 episodes of 30 minutes, like Pierre Niney.

The French series abuses the absurd in this parody of reality TV where each and every one plunges headlong into caricature. The jokes are strong, the subtlety is absent subscribers and surprisingly, it works! Because Marc is an idiotic egocentric, because Soraya has a monkey’s heart, because Anne is martyred for free, because Alexandra is a real psychopath … everyone plays excess with infectious pleasure.

Granted, sometimes some jokes fall flat, but that’s okay. There are enough cult scenes to make up for it. Whether we celebrate Jean Guile, shout “MAAARC” or practice imitation therapy, we all keep, within us, The flame.

See it on myCanal.

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