France: vaccination extends to adolescents, urged to stay

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>> France: vaccination for everyone at the start
>> In France, vaccinations are carried out for everyone, the “health passport” is not far off

French President Emmanuel Macron in Saint-Cirque-Lapopie, June 2.

Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN

Young people between the ages of 12 and 18 will be able to get vaccinated from June 15, the head of state said during a trip to the site, welcoming the fact that more than 50% of the adult population in France has already received the first dose of the vaccine.

The President, having specified that the decision was made in the morning at the Health Council, however, called on the French to stay. “extremely careful and vigilant ” because the circulation of the virus is progressing in some regions, in particular in the Southwest.

Health Minister Olivier Veran, guest at 20:00 on TF1, clarified that this vaccination “will in no way be required “, is an “will be carried out on a voluntary basis and with parental consent ”. But she goes “participate in the herd immunity movement” also allows you to limit the closure of educational institutions until the next school year.

In addition, the second dose can be postponed for a maximum of two weeks after the first dose to allow for summer holidays. “When you get vaccinated today, you will be re-vaccinated in seven weeks. Well, then you can accept it. (in) from six to eight weeks in one center “, – added Olivier Veran.

Warning signs

At noon, government spokesman Gabriel Attal, after a health council meeting, mentioned: “warning signs” with some “sometimes a significant increase in the circulation of the virus in New Aquitaine. “

According to the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of the region, the Delta variant, first identified in India in April 2021 and considered to be more infectious, was found in a family in the Dax metropolitan area (Landa) without it being associated with India or the UK.

According to Gabriel Attal,“Unfavorable development is especially noticeable in the Atlantic Pyrenees” as well as “To a lesser extent in Charente-Maritime, Lot-et-Garonne, Charente, Landach and Gironde.”

In this regard, the CEO of ARS Nouvelle Aquitaine Benoit Elleboud reported a noticeable slowdown in the decline in incidence last week (-7%) compared to previous weeks (-20-30%).

He explained it “inflection of a curve ” through “The removal of a number of restrictions and the fact that the region has been less affected by COVID-19 in previous waves” and so be “Less immune.” Thus, the virus circulates “much easier” in this population, which is also younger than anywhere else.

“Everything will be fine”

“This is a warning signal” emphasized Gabriel Attal, stressing that the level of circulation of the virus remained “moderate”.

“Holds on, will do it”, Emmanuel Macron also spoke during an exchange with the residents of Lot, a week before the closed restaurants and bars, as well as gyms open, and the curfew has been moved to 23:00.

During his visit, the President mentioned the cessation of wearing masks outdoors, which will remain. “mandatory“At the national level, but with a gradual withdrawal”differentiated method on the territory“.

A man receives a dose of Pfizer vaccine in Versailles on May 29.

Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN

On Wednesday, June 2, the Prefecture of Bouches-du-Rhône announced that the mask is no longer compulsory on the beaches and green spaces of the department.

Nationally, the incidence has dropped below 100 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants in a week (91 according to the latest data released on May 29 by the French Public Health), and this level has never been reached since mid-September 2020.

The decrease in the circulation of the virus, which has continued since the end of April, has also reduced the burden on the hospital system: on Wednesday, June 2, fewer than 16,000 patients with COVID were treated at the hospital, including 2,754 patients. intensive care units (more than 6000 at the end of April).

In addition to its opinion, expected on Thursday, June 3, on the vaccination of children 12-15 years old, the Supreme Health Authority (HAS) should give its opinion on the possibility of performing a serological test at the time of the first injection of the vaccine. find out if a person has ever been infected with a coronavirus.

Olivier Veran stressed at TF1 that vaccination centers will be equipped in June “rapid serological tests for the presence of antibodies and in this case a single dose will be sufficientAccording to him, from a fifth to a quarter of the population could already be infected with COVID in an asymptomatic form.

Overall, nearly 26.6 million people have received at least one vaccine injection since the start of the campaign in France (39.7% of the total population), of which 11.4 million received two doses (17.1% of the total population ).

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