Fraud: New loyalty card scam is booming, beware

France is experiencing a period of significant growth in hacker attacks and fraud. Indeed, it would seem that various scams flourish in the territory, but above all, they bring many victims. In a review published by Le Télégramme magazine on November 21, we discover a new scam. Consumers of large retail chains must face a new scam. Over the past few months, retail customers have been describing being ripped off lately. According to reports, a hacker stole data from their loyalty card. We will explain everything here!

Loyalty Card Fraud

As you already know, personal data is worth its weight in gold. For scammers, there is nothing better than the opportunity to steal them. Thus, it is for this reason that a new scam, the “combolist leak” has been discovered in recent months. According to our colleagues from Telegram, here we find a very specific scam. Hacking customer account data. And this is to liquidate large sums of money. The money accumulates on their loyalty cards. There is nothing difficult for scammers here. They just need to go to the dark web. By doing this, they can then sell the information they found on the loyalty card. A simple and effective way to make a beautiful cover.

It must be said that this scam has a positive aspect that gives it an advantage. Indeed, the French do not often check the money on their loyalty cards. Knowing that they are little consulted, it takes time for victims to realize the scam. Our Western French colleagues have recently looked into this new scam. They were found by a resident of Montpellier. He is the victim of this scam. Looks like he lost 130 euros because of his supermarket loyalty card. According to a lawyer specializing in the protection of personal data: This applies not only to store loyalty cards, but also to all accounts where you have registered data. These can be first and last names, addresses, credit card numbers, brand loyalty card numbers. “.

Large retailer customer accounts hacked

This scam is unfortunately a real independent system. Indeed, data stolen from loyalty cards is then resold. According to Le Télégramme, on the dark web, a lot of information found on a loyalty card is put up for sale. Be it the email address, username and password of the hacked client. Everything is sold. And this is at a price of at least 25% of the amount contained on the loyalty card.

Now many major retailers have been affected by this new scam. Then we find Auchan, Carrefour or even System U. The scammers manage to steal the latter’s loyalty cards to extract personal data. So that means they can also spend the money the victims have accumulated. And this is in the respective stores.

Best practices to avoid this scam

As with any scam. There are methods and best practices to avoid becoming a victim. To steal your loyalty card details, criminals must use malware (malware). The latter manage to infiltrate the clients’ servers and capture their connection and account data. The Sistema Yu cooperative even confessed. ” These malicious programs are recovered by our clients’ computers after browsing blocked sites on the Internet. “.

In order not to fall into the trap of this scam, the Système U group advises its customers. Therefore, they advise never to use the same password on different sites. Or don’t use codes that match personal or easily found data. By using simpler codes, you are more likely to be among the victims. ” You should be careful when choosing a U Card PIN, do not choose a code equal to your date of birth or a code that is too simple, such as 0000, 1234 or 1111. “.

Source: Current Woman

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