Fraudsters use Rogers outage

(Photo: The Canadian Press)

Scammers are using the Rogers Communications wireless network outage last week to trick people into clicking on fraudulent links.

A misleading post making its way on social media mistakenly says that “R0GERS WIRELESS INC. »Offers a $ 50 credit to compensate for the inconvenience, inviting Internet users to click on a link.

The message includes a hint that it is a scam since the name Rogers is spelled with a zero rather than an O. However, it is relatively difficult to discern since the name of the company is written in capitals.

Rogers has indicated that it offers credits, but the lump sum of $ 50 mentioned in the scam is not real and is potentially dangerous since it is not from Rogers.

A spokesperson for Rogers explained that the actual credit is for a day of service, which means the amount depends on each customer’s plan. In addition, this amount will automatically be credited to invoices for the month of May, and no action is required on the part of customers to take advantage of it – therefore, no link to click to access it.

A Rogers Fraud and Scam webpage also asks anyone who receives a suspicious text message to forward it to 7726 (SPAM) because the company does not text credit advice.

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