Free Lives and Devolver Digital announce Stick it to the Stickman (2023)

Glue it to Stickman

Voracious Free Lives entrepreneurs and overly ambitious Devolver Digital executives announce Glue it to Stickman, a practical guide for future rock stars in the industry who want to climb the social ladder with big tatan kicks. Management Memo Leaked: Apps Will Open on PC in 2023!

Stick it to the Stickman is a devastating caffeine-fueled scam that hits employees determined to slow down your path to success. Get promoted with kicks, chainsaws or shitty farts: The rotating combat system respects the laws of physics and is based on two main pillars: aesthetics and brutality.

Between accommodating co-workers, N+1 bloc rebuilds, and formidable bosses, you’ll have to master all the cogs of a business struggle to win the grail: the position of CEO of the worst company in the US.

Down with Hierarchy
In business, offense is the best defense. Kill or be killed – the philosophy of life in the world of big capital. Take advantage of powerful upgrades and all human resource-tested arsenal to prove that your Stickman is not just another victim of the rabid corporatism that poisons office life.

A few more stock options…
Your career plan is not just a vertical climb! Integrate new subsidiaries to edge out the competition: Each Fusac offers new gameplay, enemies, and bosses in addition to an all-new arsenal, among other surprises worthy of Free Lives’ jaded brains. The conglomerate you are about to lead will dominate the market and win the hearts of consumers from all directions!

Scalable and innovative growth hack
Stick it to the Stickman is a gritty dystopia depicting the future of capitalist corporate culture with a healthy dose of humor, violence and intelligence. It’s better to laugh than worry.


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