Free Open Source Express: Framasoft, Cosmolocalism, Open Metaverse

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Framasoft supports…

Good news for a 20-year-old alert: the Framasoft association has replenished support with its donation campaign to balance its annual budget and thanks its donors for this: “You have been over-mobilized and this is 129% of the 200,000 euros we have thus raised. Thank you, this is huge, this is precious!

We at Framasoft are proud of this model of solidarity, where the donations of a few thousand people allow more than a million people to benefit from everything we do. 2023 is finally starting off peacefully for the association, thanks to your support.

… and a member of the ECHO network in Europe

In the same newsletter, Framasoft announces its participation in the ECHO network: “The Ethical, Commons, Humans, Open-Source Network (Network around Ethics, Commons, Humans and Open-source) is a project as well as a network of associations on a European scale. This network, led by the popular educational association Céméa France, consists of 7 structures from 5 European countries:

• Semea France

• Cemea Federzione Italia

• Cemea Belgium

• Willy Eichler Academy (Germany)

• Solidar Foundation (European network)

• Centar Za Mirovne Studije (Croatia)

• Framasoft.

“In 2024, we will move to the Commons phase. Each member of the network will create a resource that can be appropriated and used by other European associations facing the same issues. Obviously, each of these works will be taken up in the Commons under a free license.

Cosmo-localism: alternative technologies based on the free software model.

“Cosmolocalism: DIY Internationalism” is the title (in print) of a two-page article in Liberation, January 23, 2023. The Internet headline (subscription version) is more specific: “Cosmolocalism: what if we made a tractor, a prosthesis, a satellite…” . “Abandoning a model in which high-tech patent-protected products are expensive and unrepairable, this movement is based on the philosophy of open source to promote alternative technologies,” Nicolas Chenik reveals in the headline of the article. Among other things, there is the Qubik satellite from the Libre Space Foundation and a prosthetic arm from Open Bionics, examples of space localism:

“Created in 1992 by environmentalist Wolfgang Sachs, a student of the technological philosopher Ivan Ilyich, cosmolocalism refers to a way of bringing local communities together by sharing knowledge in open source mode so that everyone can produce what they need on the spot. . This improved DIY Wikipedia is a way to bring the idea of ​​the digital commons to life, which aims to revive the commons through new technologies.

Open Metaverse Foundation established

The Open Metaverse Foundation (OMF) mission created by the Linux Foundation aims to “provide a space for cross-industry collaboration to develop open source software and standards for an inclusive global metaverse. ,” according to

Its members include ChainHub Foundation, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Futurewei, GenXP, Guangdong Digital Industry Research Institute, Hyperledger Foundation, LF Edge, LF Networking, OpenSDV, Open Voice Network, and Veriken. OMF Executive Director Royal O’Brien is also Executive Director of Digital Media and Gaming at the Linux Foundation. He is also an ex-Marine and ex-Amazon, among others, locating cesium.

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