Free Pro stands out as a complete brand for businesses and local governments.

“Since acquiring Jaguar Network in 2019 to invest in the BtoB market and launch Free Pro fixed and mobile almost two years ago, we have attracted over 30,000 customers, including 1,000 key customers and ETI. ”, says Denis Planat, Managing Director of Jaguar Network-Free Pro.

He continues: “We wanted to offer innovation, simplicity and a fair price to these professionals, we shocked the market, and these leaders welcomed us with kindness. Today we are taking our approach one step further to keep evolving. The Jaguar network disappears. as a sign of becoming a Free Pro. Our offerings will cover companies of all sizes and public authorities for connectivity and telephony, always with the same basic principles of simplicity, performance and quality – price. “

The official announcement was made on November 30 at the company’s new headquarters in Paris. This leads to the assertion of ambitious goals: “We hope to double the number of customers next year,” the manager continues, proud of the strategy, which has enabled it to achieve 25 percent growth in 2022 in this market and reach 100 million euros in turnover. All our establishments in different regions will participate in this development.”

Highly Enhanced Skill

Founded in Marseille in 2001 at the initiative of Kevin Polizzi, Jaguar Network, known for its expertise in telecommunications, cloud and managed services, and on-premise data center operations, will still not see its name completely erased from Free Tablets Pro. The name “Jaguar Network by Free Pro” will henceforth be reserved for “XPR” (expert) solutions designed to solve the most complex telephony, connectivity, mobility and cloud computing challenges through dedicated customer support, including data sovereignty or cybersecurity issues.

“We want to relieve companies of all these worries,” explains Denis Planat. “They are ready to help and we can help them ask themselves the right questions, even in very demanding sectors such as industry, by reaching out to our engineers at a very high level to accelerate their development. This year we hired 250 people. Free Pro now relies on 500 employees throughout France. We plan to hire another hundred in 2023 and the same number in 2024. We are really changing the dimension.”

The contact center for all Free Pro and XPR commercial offerings will remain operated by Predictiv Pro. Denis Planat acknowledges that Free Pro still has work to do in raising awareness and educating VSE/SMEs about the technologies the group can provide to them for a successful digital transition. With the “weight” acquired by Free in France on individuals, he has no doubt that Free Pro is leaving to, in turn, build a strong reputation among professionals.

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