Free: Rani Assaf, legendary technical director of the company, leaves

He is a historical player in the Free adventure who has just left. Rani Assaf has resigned from his post of France and Italy network director of Free, but also from his mandate as Deputy CEO. Very discreet, close to Xavier Niel, he was the co-designer of the first “Freebox”, at a time when triple play did not exist.

It was also an era of hyper-growth for the operator, under the sign of innovation directly perceptible by the customer. “Free has announced that it will migrate all its customers to ADSL 2+ (ie 15 Mb / s of maximum theoretical speed instead of 8 Mb / s) automatically and without overcharging. From that moment on, all the competitors on the market ran behind Free without ever being able to really keep up, ”Benoît Felten recounted a few years ago in a column published on this site. “The ‘Free model’ was on the move, powered by the innovation machine of Rani Assaf, the technical director of the company. Every 3 months, a new service was offered to subscribers without ever being billed, and without ever crossing the threshold of 30 euros: digital video recorder in the box, new generation Wi-Fi, web hosting, fixed IP address, possibility to modulate the latency of its connection, online hard drive, LAN router, local FTP … so many services that have become market standards, because Free has offered them without billing its customers. “

He is replaced by Nicolas Jaeger, Group Chief Financial Officer and member of the board of directors of TRM, OnTower France, IFT and Play.

The 46-year-old Franco-Lebanese, president of Nîmes Olympique, wants to “devote his time to new projects”. His departure will be effective at the end of June.

The man entered the Challenge ranking of the 500 most important fortunes in France in 2005. In 2020, his fortune is estimated at 164 million euros.

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