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A survey published in early 2022 shows that 8% of French people own or have had cryptocurrencies. This is more, according to AMF, than the number of French people who own shares in the company, i.e. 6.7%.

If more than three-quarters of the French population has already heard about cryptocurrencies, it turns out that 30% are ready to take risks and invest.

Since cryptocurrencies are inextricably linked to everything related to the Internet and digital technologies, it is not surprising that people under the age of 35, mostly men, are more interested in investing in cryptocurrencies.

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On the other hand, they do not think to invest more than 10% of their savings. So these potential investors are pretty well informed as they seem to want to diversify their investments.

And at a time when there are thousands, namely 19,893, according to the CoinMarketCap mid-June 2022 account, of cryptocurrencies, young would-be French investors prefer to stay at safe bets such as Bitcoin (69%), Bitcoin Cash (28%). and Ethereum (14%).

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For those who still do not want cryptocurrencies, the reasons lie in the ignorance of the functioning of these virtual currencies for 48% of them, as well as the risk they often pose in their eyes for 30%.

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Cryptocurrencies, however, have entered the 2022 presidential campaign as a topic of discussion, as this topic could influence the voting intentions of almost 20% of the French, and for 4% of the French, it could even be the final decision. candidate program.

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