French army documents ‘Top Secret’ posted on video game forum

It is reported that confidential documents of the French, British and Chinese armies have been published on the forum of the massively multiplayer online game War Thunder.

This is the type of publicity that Gaijin Entertainment, the main publisher of War Thunder, could do without. Indeed, the players have shared confidential technical documents on tanks that are still in use in the Chinese, French and British armies.

Why did the players share this sensitive data?

WarThunder is a very popular MMO game that has a forum where players meet to exchange opinions and discuss the characteristics of the various combat vehicles modeled in the game. Some of these vehicles are still used in different armies around the world. .

It was on this forum that confidential documents related to tank manuals were allegedly posted by players who had no intention of causing harm, but wanted to share information with the developers to improve the simulation and accuracy of vehicles in the game. Members of the forum who claim to belong to an armored unit of the French army shared the instruction manual for the Leclerc S2 tank.

Documents whose authenticity has not been confirmed by the French army, which did not wish to comment on this information. For their part, the British authorities have confirmed the top secret nature of the documents released by the player posing as the commander of the Challenger 2 tank.

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More or less confidential information

The moderators of the WarThunder forum have removed these messages, as well as a message revealing secret data about the materials used on the Chinese DTC10-125 tank. This information has already been circulated on Chinese forums, but it is still difficult to confirm as the Chinese Internet is under control.

While the exact thickness of a tank’s armor remains highly confidential, much of the other public information will be available for self-service online. Indeed, most of them are manuals used by many people who have to work in or near tanks. Thus, the foreign intelligence services already know most of this information.

The game publisher undertakes to warn players about the prohibition of transferring this type of document and will not hesitate to ban players who will have to start over. He also reminds that general documents should be of real interest to developers, while remaining legal, which cannot be said about tank manuals and other confidential information on this issue.

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