French daily 20 Minutes lends itself to the NFT game new record soon?

Fashion that also takes over the media – For months now, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have invaded the media and popular space. From Paris Hilton to prestigious auction houses like Christie’s, through PlayBoy, everyone is interested in this phenomenon. Today it 20 minutes, the local newspaper that runs a poll to choose which of its numbers to convert to NFT.

Coming Soon 20 Minute Token Edition

Daily newspaper issued in 2002 20 minutes found its place in the French media landscape. Today “20 Minutes” announces that immortalize one of its rooms thanks to technological innovation NFTpopularized by blockchain Ethereum (ETH).

These unique tokens are easily identifiable and cannot be duplicated, making them ideal for use in collectible cards or for digital pendantsworks of art among other things.

BUT file PDF Thus, the 20 Minutes issue will soon be auctioned in NFT form. Internet users are encouraged to contribute to the choice of the number, which will thus be converted into a unique digital token, by choosingone of 8 pages Une below.

List of daily 20-minute newspaper headlines to choose from – Source: 20 minutes

Lately, everything (and sometimes anything) is now turned into a non-fungible token. One of the last popular NFTs was the original version of the Internet source code, which sold for a whopping $ 5.4 million.

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