French Days: the official PS4 and PS5 external hard drive in super promotion

Good news about plans French Days: the official PS4 and PS5 external hard drive in super promotion

The French Days are definitely the right time to equip yourself at a very low price. As proof, this Seagate brand external hard drive, official PlayStation product and compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Amazon offers it at a very attractive price, -30% of its initial price.

2TB hard drive for PS4 and PS5 at € 69 at Amazon

The PS4 is starting to get a bit old and with the number of games released, its storage capacity is a bit limited. As for the PS5, if it’s backward compatible with the PS4, it’s best to leave the SSD for PS5 games to get the most out of the next generation. The solution to these two problems? An external hard drive to connect to consoles.

Find the PS4 Seagate 2TB external hard drive for € 69 on Amazon

If indeed any external hard drive can work, it is better to rely on an official product stamped with the Sony console logo. This is pre-configured and preformatted to be ready to use, simply plugged into your console.

If it’s on the PS4, the machine will automatically see it as an extension of its own storage. You can choose to continue installing the games on the PS4’s internal disk. Or go directly to external Seagate. On the other hand, on PS5, the console will automatically configure itself to install PS4 games on the external hard drive.

€ 30 off Seagate Official Storage Space for PlayStation

The supplied USB cable is 3.0. That is, the transfer speed is high enough that you don’t see a difference in load times between a locally installed game and one on the external hard drive. Even if you do not own a large number of games, it is very convenient to have this type of external storage.

In the first place because it avoids having to uninstall games to install others. It is much more comfortable to be able to switch from one game to another at will. And also, over time, patches, DLCs, extensions, season passes … Well, the games took a few GB, very quickly the space of the console is saturated. While you’re there, with an additional 2TB, you’ll be quiet for a while.

In fact, according to the manufacturer, it is possible to easily install around fifty recent games, with all the add-ons that go with them. So if you ever feel a little tight when it comes to storage space, this Seagate PS4 and PS5 Compatible 2TB External Hard Drive is just what you need. It’s available at € 69 on Amazon, instead of € 99.

Find the PS4 Seagate 2TB external hard drive for € 69 on Amazon

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