French Tech DeepNum20, a new deep tech program

With French Tech DeepNum20, the French Tech Mission intends to support start-ups operating in sectors considered priority in the France 2030 plan. Modeled after French Tech Green20 and French Tech Agri20, this new program opens applications for the first promotion on July 29th. 2022. Applications can be submitted until 21 September.

Program for young startups

Startups in the areas of nanoelectronics, microchips, robotics, cloud computing, 5G, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, digital greening and cybersecurity are targeted. These sectors were highlighted and recognized as important during the presentation of the France 2030 plan, in which deep technologies are at the center of attention.

Unlike France’s Tech 120 and Next40, which bring together “startups with proven economic models selected primarily on cost-effectiveness criteria,” these additional programs “seek to select younger startups with projects with a strong technology component,” explains Louis Fleury, Deputy Director French technical mission. To apply, a startup must be headquartered in France and the company must be independent, which means owning at least 51% of its capital.

Pre-selection followed by audition

Applications will initially be reviewed by teams from the French Technical Mission, the Directorate-General for Enterprise and the Ministry of Economy, Finance, Industrial and Digital Sovereignty. At this level, “initial files are examined based on an analysis of the real market potential, the innovative nature of the technology, its potential for development and its ability to provide solutions in response to major issues such as technological sovereignty or environmental transition,” Louis Fleuré clarifies.

After a pre-selection, “40 to 50 startups will be invited to audition in front of a jury that includes figures from research, a large company, a symbolic startup, an incubator, and/or an investment fund.” he adds.

Individual support

Following the example of the other two programs, startups integrating French DeepNum20 technology will receive support for one year. This includes privileged access to the French Tech Correspondent Network, created for startups labeled French Tech 120. They are present in about sixty administrations and public services and allow startups to quickly find answers to their questions or escalate problems. faced. Startups will also benefit from “integrating into certain economic diplomacy and visibility activities.”

So, like other programs, the goal is to support start-ups, not fund them. In this regard, several tools have already been introduced for start-ups in the field of high technology and industry, which may be more difficult to find funding. French DeepNum20 technology can help young shoots turn to the right companion.

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