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Fighting MultiVersus, to put it mildly, is a huge success. To find out more about the reasons, as well as some basic details before you (re-)join the fight, here is our FAQ on the title.

This article will be updated as announcements become available.

Who is the publisher and developer of MultiVersus?

Warner Brazzers. Games is the publisher of MultiVersus. As for the developer, it’s Player First Games, a studio made up of industry veterans, and MultiVersus is its first game.

On which consoles is MultiVersus available?

The game has been released on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and Xbox One.

What versions of MultiVersus are there?

There are 4 versions of the game, all dematerialized:

  • Basic, free.
  • Standard Edition for €39.99 containing 15 Character Tickets, 1 Banner (Rare) and 300 Gleamium Coins.
  • Deluxe Edition for €59.99 containing 20 Character Tickets, 1 Banner (Rare), 1 Premium Battle Pass, 1 Banner (Epic), 1 Knockout Effect (Epic), and 1,000 Gleamium Coins.
  • Premium Edition for €99.99 containing 30 character tickets, 1 banner (rare), 3 premium battle passes, 2 banners (epic and legendary), 2 knockout effects (epic + legendary), 1 unique nameplate and 2500 coins Gleamium.

Does MultiVersus have a seasonal system?

Yes, MultiVersus is working on a seasonal system, featuring new characters, game modes, new cosmetics, and more.

Does MultiVersus have microtransactions?

Yes, with real money you can buy Gleamium, a special in-game currency that allows you to purchase new things.

Are MultiVersus characters and arenas free?

Arenas are available to all players for free. As for the characters, they must be purchased, but they can be bought with the currency obtained simply in the game. Depending on the difficulty level, characters can ask for 1500, 2000 or even 3000 coins.

What is the release date for MultiVersus?

If MultiVersus doesn’t have a final release date yet, the game can still be played in open beta starting July 26th.

What are the playable characters of MultiVersus?

To find out which characters in the game, we have prepared a list in separate article.

What is the gameplay of MultiVersus?

MultiVersus is a platform fighting game close to the Super Smash Bros. formula. from Nintendo. If it is possible to have duels and matches in which 4 players oppose each other, the strength of the game lies in its 2 vs 2 system with features that can be useful to allies.

Is there cross-progress and cross-play in MultiVersus?

Yes, despite different platforms, it’s entirely possible to play MultiVersus with the same account on different machines, and if you’re playing on PC, you can compete against PlayStation and Xbox players without any problems.

To add friends from other platforms, there is a special internal system Warner Bros. Games.

What is the MultiVersus online system?

MultiVersus uses a well-known network fallback code to guarantee the best online gaming experience.

What are MultiVersus Game Modes?

Here are the current modes:

  • Laboratory (training mode)
  • User part
  • Advanced Tutorials
  • 1 vs 1
  • Teams (2v2)
  • Co-op vs. AI
  • Every man for himself (4 players)

Over time, other modes will appear, such as the classic arcade.

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