Fries on the line between Apple and ProtonVPN

There is water in the gas between Apple and ProtonVPN. The founder of ProtonVPN, Andy Yen, has indeed just published an open letter to castigate Apple and its decision to block an update of the application because of its description.

“Whether it’s challenging governments, educating the public or training journalists, we have a long history of helping online freedom for more people around the world,” says the new description adopted by the VPN network. A clear position that Apple did not appreciate. The person responsible for evaluating the application has indeed suggested that this text be amended so as not to “encourage users to circumvent geographic restrictions or content limitations”.

What arouse the anger of Andy Yen, who relied on Apple’s decision to criticize the American giant by suggesting that the latter is contributing to the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Burma. A country where the military junta is currently engaged in brutal repression following a coup d’état last month. The founder of ProtonVPN also said that the company had used this description for months already before the turn of the screw imposed by Apple.

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“The actions have consequences, and Apple’s actions actively hamper the defense of human rights in Myanmar, at a time when hundreds of people are dying,” said the leader. We are far from the famous Apple advertisement broadcast in 1997, when the company uttered the following words above a montage of government resisters: “to the health of the insane.” The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pieces in the square holes. Those who see things differently. Those who don’t like rules. And who have no respect for the status quo ”.

Last week, Wired reported that Apple had agreed to start showing Russian users a phone setup screen where they can install a set of Moscow-approved apps. “Apple’s priority is to preserve market access and maintain its profits, so that it hardly ever challenges the policies of dictators or authoritarian regimes,” Andy Yen criticized.

“By giving in to tyrants, Apple is ignoring internationally recognized human rights and preventing organizations like ProtonVPN from standing up for those in need. What is also disturbing is that Apple has requested the removal of this language in ALL the countries where our application is available, ”also regretted the latter, for whom“ by doing so, Apple contributes to the dissemination of laws authoritarian in the world, even in countries where freedom of expression is protected ”.

Source: .com

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