From the automobile to the telephone: the semiconductor, a new instrument of State sovereignty

The shortage of semiconductors, an electronic component smaller than a grain of sand, panics manufacturers and causes significant production delays on products as famous as the iPhone, the PlayStation, the Renault or the Volkswagen. Behind the cyclical effect, these tiny electronic brains were until then part of the unthought of technological sovereignty.

It is a small electronic gem whose absence could cost a lot. In China, in the United States, in Europe, there are concerns about a shortage of semiconductors. The component is essential in most electronic chips, which can be found in almost all technological innovations, from mobile phones to 5G antennas, including computers, the automotive industry, artificial intelligence, the Cloud or the military-space industry. Proof of the importance assumed by these little beasts with barbaric names: in Beijing, the new five-year plan, unveiled in broad outline this Friday, March 5, notably plans to increase spending on electronic chips. nanometers, even 5 for the last generations, semiconductors are smaller than a grain of sand and constitute a kind of brain which circulates information within electronic chips. An essential product, but whose lack has been felt for a few months and which is the source of delays in the production of iPhone 12 or PlayStation …

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