From Vulnerability Management to External Threat Analysis

Rapid7, an American cybersecurity specialist headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, has made a name for itself with a revolutionary vulnerability management solution and has set new benchmarks in doing so. Since the company’s inception in 2000, Rapid7 has evolved its offering into a comprehensive cybersecurity platform. Thus, vulnerability management with InsightVM was complemented, in particular, by the following solutions: InsightAppSec for application security, InsightCloudSec for cloud security, InsightIDR SIEM and IDR solution, and InsightConnect SOAR solution for cybersecurity orchestration and automation. Combined with management and advisory services, these solutions form a complete and holistic Insight platform.

Rapid7 in Switzerland

In Switzerland, Rapid7 is also traditionally and primarily known as a provider of vulnerability management services. This will change from now on, as evidenced by the appointment of Roger Gelardini as Senior Account Manager for the Swiss market. Thus, Rapid7 has a direct presence in Switzerland – in recent years, the Swiss distribution channel and customers in Switzerland have been managed from Munich.

Roger Gelardini is responsible for introducing the Rapid7 brand and the manufacturer’s products in Switzerland and positioning them more comprehensively, constantly keeping an eye on the entire market. His activities include such tasks as sales and support of end customers in cooperation with the distribution channel, as well as marketing activities up to the organization of roadshows. In addition, it acts as a relay when a partner needs additional customer support.

Extensive experience in the field of security

Prior to joining Rapid7, Roger Gelardini worked for many years at Belsoft Infortix as an IT Infrastructure and Security Specialist and prior to that at the Belsoft Group, where he most recently served as Senior Consultant and Head of Marketing and Managing Partner. He also had a career at Microsoft Switzerland in B2B marketing and at Service Desk Pidas where he laid the foundation for his interactions with clients and partners. “I am a service provider myself,” Gelardini says of his motivation. With over 15 years of experience with multi-vendor security solutions, including Rapid7, and a deep understanding of the partner world, Roger Gelardini is well equipped for his new challenges.

External threat intelligence to protect business and brand

A brand new solution that Rapid7 wants to promote in Switzerland is called Threat Command. He entered the portfolio after acquiring Israeli developer IntSights. Threat Command works with external threat data. While other security solutions deal with the situation within the company, Threat Command investigates what is happening on the Internet on behalf of the company. It does this by scanning fake domains and social media profiles, detecting brands’ fake online stores, and detecting company data leaks even on the deep web and dark web.

With Threat Command, companies with strong brands and administrations protect their data, their reputation, and their representatives known to the public (up to the CEO). To do this, Threat Command pairs an automated cloud platform with security experts who, for example, work undercover on the dark web or ensure that social media providers remove fake content immediately.

Threat Command is already successfully used by several large, well-known Swiss companies with an international presence. But the solution is also suitable for medium-sized companies that want to protect a strong brand – and there are plenty of them in Switzerland. Reason enough for Rapid7 and Roger Gelardini to also want to position this solution on a broader basis.

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