Frozen Flame: Multiplayer Survival Game to Launch Closed Beta on September 15

After a successful crowdfunding campaign last May ($ 130,000 raised), Frozen Flame will soon go through the closed beta box. The Russian studio Dreamside Interactive is meeting us on September 15.

Frozen Flame takes the traditional codes of multiplayer survival game in open world: the servers will bring together fifty players who can join together to explore a world rich in secrets and dungeons, challenge bosses and create their own weapons and camps , or compete against each other, with the option of joining “Orders” offering separate quests and rewards. Three Founder packs (€ 24.99, € 49 and € 55.79) are available on the official site and guarantee access to this closed beta, knowing that buyers of the € 55.79 pack can already take advantage of the alpha. Note that the game also has a Steam page indicating the launch of early access in the last quarter of 2020.

Press release

Frozen Flame gameplay trailer

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