Fujifilm, victim of ransomware attack, partially shuts down its network

The Japanese conglomerate Fujifilm announced on June 2 that it was the victim of a cyberattack. Best known for its digital imaging products, the company, which also offers healthcare products, was forced to shut down parts of its global network in order to prevent the attack from spreading.

Partial closure of the network

The company has confirmed that its headquarters in Tokyo have been hit by a cyber attack. Fujifilm cites a ransomware attack without providing further details. “Fujifilm Corporation is currently investigating possible unauthorized access to its server from outside the company“, writes the company simply. In order to carry out its investigations, the Fujifilm partially closed its network and has it”disconnected from all external correspondence“, can we read.

Advanced Intel CEO Vitali Kremez said the company was affected by the Qbot virus through a phishing campaign, reports Bleeping Computer. Fujifilm may give more details after its investigation.

Ransomware attacks have been exploding lately. In 2020, in France, reports of ransomware attacks increased by 255%, according to the National Information Systems Security Agency (Anssi). Hackers target both small businesses and multinationals. Recently this mode of operation crippled the largest US oil pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline, and damaged tons of medical data in Ireland and Indonesia.

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