Full Immersion in Advanced AI and Machine Learning at the Behavox AI Compliance and Security Conference

On July 19, Behavox will host a conference where customers, regulators and industry leaders will present the next generation of AI for compliance and security.

The Behavox AI Compliance and Security Conference will be held at the company’s headquarters in Montreal. During this exclusive in-person event, Behavox will relaunch its pre-COVID brands by inviting customers, regulators, AI leaders and partners to seminars and keynotes on compliance, security and compliance at its Montreal headquarters.

“We are excited to re-establish face-to-face contact to enable our customers to meet the engineers and data scientists behind our innovations,” said Fakhrin Kurji, Head of Customer Information. “Conference attendees will be able to listen to keynote speeches, participate in Innovation Paddocks to test our latest innovations, and take advantage of networking opportunities with other industry leaders and regulators. »

The presentations will focus on:

  • Testing and quality control framework for compliance models.

  • Expand employee and data reach with a new data engine built for AI.

  • Improve voice transcription accuracy with continuous learning.

  • The conference will also feature innovation pens where guests can learn more about innovation from Behavox engineers and data scientists. At this conference, Behavox will showcase its revolutionary new product, the Behavox Quantum™. Also on the agenda are numerous tests and workshops that will cover everything from infrastructure to cloud orchestration, including the AI ​​engine behind Behavox Quantum™.

    What can participants expect?

    • Know the status of AI in terms of compliance and security;

    • Find out how the industry is addressing the challenge of deploying AI to meet requirements and security;

    • Communication with industry experts around the world;

    • Get loans for vocational training.

    Behavox Quantum™ has been rigorously tested and compared to solutions available on the market and has demonstrated at least 3,000 times better performance than its competitors thanks to new AI risk management policies. In addition, the solution provides a comprehensive security program to detect malicious, unethical and illegal behavior, eliminate fraud and protect your digital centers.

    The conference on July 19 will be attended by heads of international banks, financial institutions and large corporations. Potential and existing clients will also send full delegations there. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will deliver a keynote address on Canadian innovation at the center of global AI.

    This is a great opportunity to test the product and get to know the team behind these innovations as well as the major players in the industry. Register here for the Behavox AI Compliance and Security Conference.

    About Behavox LLC

    Behavox offers a range of security products to help compliance, human resources and security professionals protect their business and their colleagues from business risks.

    Through AI analysis of all corporate communications, including email, instant and voice mail, and video conferencing platforms, Behavox helps organizations detect illegal, unethical and malicious behavior in the workplace.

    Founded in 2014, Behavox is based in Montreal with offices in New York, London, Seattle, Singapore and Tokyo.

    For more information about Behavox visit

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