Fully autonomous cars will soon hit the streets of New York

New York is the insider witness to several celebrity trips and our correspondent Richard Châteauvert mentioned Paul Houde and Thérèse Parisien having crossed paths with Spike Lee twice on the streets of New York.

But New Yorkers could soon see the arrival of autonomous cars to the American metropolis very soon.

The point is, Elon Musk’s Tesla company now offers vehicle owners the download of software that enables full autonomous driving.

This means that, from now on, vehicles in autopilot mode will be able to drive into cities. Until recently, the autopilot could only be used on main roads.

However, Tesla drivers will have to undergo a seven-day evaluation by the company and will have to fork out $ 10,000 to get the download, plus a monthly subscription of around $ 200 per month.

However, the US Highway Safety Administration is currently investigating 11 accidents involving Tesla cars in automatic mode with emergency vehicles.

Richard Châteauvert also explains that by 2030, driverless semi-autonomous trucks will be in high demand and increasingly present on North American roads.


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