Funplay Reborn, retro gaming world in Perpignan early 2023

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2023 kicked off at El Mediator with Funplay Reborn; an event that brings together video game and cosplay lovers in Perpignan. If the geek community continues to grow over the years, more and more enthusiasts are interested in retrogaming. Omnipresent in shows like Stranger Things, these “old” video games released on consoles and arcade terminals between the 1970s and the late 90s fascinate gamers. What is the real place of retrogaming in the market? Why is he so attractive?

Funplay Reborn Event

On January 8, one of the biggest geek events in the south of France returns to the Mediator in Perpignan. During the entire Sunday at Funplay Reborn, participants will be able to play on more than 100 consoles, terminals and PCs by paying an entry fee of 5 euros (free for children under 10). They will also be able to visit booths to learn about working in the world of video games and attend electro chiptoon concerts with DJs Julien Tournadre, Allias Tank, Larry Graandt and Drefcore, local artists.

All generations of gamers can get involved and find their perfect console for the day. A family holiday idea where parents will have the opportunity to show their children the favorite console of their youth. Who will be named the best Mario Kart driver? Who has the best sense of rhythm to win Sound Voltex? Who is experienced enough to play Gouls & Ghost? Bets are made! One thing is for sure, everyone is invited to come in cosplay, in the likeness of their favorite character.

This Funplay adventure began in 2013 at a video game store in Perpignan, where 70 people gathered around 10 consoles. Ten years later, it is in the Mediator that these game lovers will meet. Alongside the new booths, traditional partners such as La Goule Joyeuse and Tautav’Elixir will feature the LDLC store, Cha Wonderland and The Time Capsule. On January 8, 2023, FUNPLAY will meet Occitan video game school OXO, Orionsoft, as well as independent studios Play Curious. A gaming event wouldn’t be a real event without entertainment: an assassination party hosted by the Polaris Brotherhood to immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe.

Success of retrogaming

The popularity of the retrogaming market seems to be growing over the years as gamers get into the nostalgic side and go looking for rare games. But do not believe that this is only interesting for players over forty.

In an interview with La Gazette Drouot, Kenji Calle, founder of sales site Retrogameplace, admitted: “I see people who haven’t tried consoles yet and are looking for them. For example, young people in their twenties who are interested in consoles released before they were born.

And in retrogames, every detail matters. Collectors attach a certain importance to packaging: a game presented in its original box will sell for much more than a cartridge alone. However, Alexis Jacquemart, director of pop culture at Millon, warns future buyers of possible fakes. Kenji Kalle also remains skeptical about the democratization of dematerialization because games that are only sold online on downloadable platforms can no longer be collected. However, the retrogaming of tomorrow is being prepared today.

The craziest records

In just two decades, the retrogaming market continues to break records. Old consoles are sold at exorbitant prices. In July 2021, The Legend of Zelda cartridge for the Nintendo Entertainment System sold for $870,000, or about €734,000, at Heritage Auctions. An impressive amount, which, however, is not the highest, because a few hours later it was the game Mario 64 for the Nintendo console that caused passion. The sale soared to $1,560,000 or €1,310,000.

Fun Play Archives Video Games Geek Manga © Arnaud Le Vu / MiP

In 2022, a French retrogaming collector stood out on eBay. It offers a collection of over 2,200 consoles for… 984,000 euros. As he explains in his ad, which continues to this day, a seller named kariaure aimed to bring together “all models, all colors, versions, commercial limited editions, pre-order limited editions, series that can only be won in contests. advertisers, packages, kits, European/Japanese/American editions. The seller specifies that none of the consoles will be sold separately, and therefore, almost a million euros will have to be paid for the entire collection. He says he is open to suggestions from museums.

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