Furbulous Box selfcleaning cat litter box automatically packs waste and more


Unfortunately, due to the design of most selfcleaning cat litter trays, they allow pet poo to settle on top of the litter box, being exposed to the ambient air, causing unwanted odors to circulate in your home even when removed from the litter box. . To remedy this inherent problem, Furbulous engineers redesigned the cat litter box and created a new generation of selfcleaning cat litter box capable of keeping all of your pet’s feces packaged and sealed in an easytodispose bag.

Packed and sealed automatically

Furbulous bag system

The revolutionary design has been extensively tested and refined and is now ready to hit the market at an amazingly low price. The aptly named Furbulous Box launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign this week to bring the innovative concept to production. The box is large enough for cats up to 25 pounds, has a large 7 liter waste compartment and can be used in multicat homes.

Why is selfpackaging and sealing of garbage containers important?

The original automatic packaging and sealing technology, unique to the Furbulous Box cat litter, prevents the growth of deadly aflatoxin mold, which is extremely harmful to cats and the environment. It also eliminates the need to store used cat litter. Some other brands keep these wastes in the air for a significant amount of time, up to 7 days, sometimes longer.

furious crate

7 Sensor protection system

With Box’s unique technology and sensors, the litter tray automatically prevents the spread of odors in your home or apartment, and features a sevensensor protection system to keep your cat safe at all times. The Advanced AntiPinch System has been designed to keep your cat safe while using the litter box. Because the box is equipped with a builtin rescue system that tracks your cat’s movements and weight changes. Once any movement is detected, the Box will automatically terminate any maintenance or cleaning process it is currently running. Make sure it’s safe for even the most secretive cats who might try to sneak up on the system and jump into the box unnoticed.


Motion sensors

Once your cat has finished and left the litter box, motion sensors will detect that the cleaning process is safe and any feces will be automatically filtered after each use to keep the litter pellets as clean as possible. The box automatically removes any waste and packs and seals faeces in the builtin trash bag. When used by one cat, the Box’s litter box can hold up to 15 days of waste before the litter bag needs to be removed. For more information about the mechanism and how the Furbulous Box works, check out the demo video created by its developers and posted below.

The Furbulous Box cat litter box not only filters and removes odors, empties used litter, packs waste, and automatically changes the litter bag. It also comes bundled with its own companion app, making it easy to monitor your cat’s health and weight after every use remotely. Being able to track your cat’s habits and behavior provides valuable insight into your cat’s health and mental state. The easytouse companion app offers instant information about your cat’s health and is available for Android and iOS devices.

Keep track of your cat’s health with the Box app

Furbulous Companion App

The Furbulous Box phone app has been specifically designed to make it easy for owners to monitor and track their cat’s habits after every use, providing an easytoread visualization of weekly and monthly data right from their smartphone, wherever you are. Allows you to quickly identify any disturbances in your pet’s daily habits and seek help if necessary.

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Furbulous box dimensions

Furious Dimensions

50% off for a limited time

For a limited time, the Furbulous team is offering the Furbulous Box nextgeneration selfcleaning cat litter tray for just $349, offering a significant 50% savings over the $799 MSRP that will take effect after the end of the crowdfunding campaign. ended on Indiegogo. For a complete list of all available additional goals, specifications, and goal goals, please visit the official campaign page on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site.

Compatible with all clumping cat litter.

To keep your home smelling fresh all the time, Furbulous Box has a natural scent that automatically compensates for any bad odors that occur after use. Providing a fresh and clean scent that won’t disturb or affect your cat in any way.

The box is equipped with a waste disposal shellshaped strainer that is compatible with all commercially available clumping cat litter. Allows you to use your favorite clay, tofu, mixed or any other type of clumping cat litter without interfering with the automatic cleaning and handling mechanisms inside the box. The inclusion of a filter screen to remove only clumps and leave only fresh, clean litter in the litter box provides a healthy environment for your cat to use at all times. Not only will you save money, but you will also provide your cat with a hygienic and safe place to use at all times.

The toilet mat in the box is made from polyester oxford fabric providing a nonstick, waterproof and scratchresistant surface that, combined with a unique sealing tape, helps prevent urine leakage.

Remove odors

Furbulous cat litter bag system

The Möbius stripinspired litter tunnel and box top door allow owners to empty out all their unwanted litter with one simple click. With a unique automatic packing and filling system, the litter box automatically installs a new litter bag when a full one is removed. So that your hands never get dirty. A sevensensor security system constantly monitors your cat’s presence, while Furbulous’s ‘no pinch’ design ensures your cat never gets stuck in the litter box.

bright features

Compared to other automatic selfcleaning cat litter trays currently on the market, the Furbulous Box offers many hygiene features to help your cat’s health. It also allows you to keep your home smelling fresh at all times with an automated selfcleaning, packaging and sealing system created by the Furbulous design team at an affordable price. The Furbulous Box also comes with a oneyear warranty and 30day free returns, allowing you to try the revolutionary new cat litter box riskfree.

Furbulous homemade cat litter box

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