Gaia-X welcomes 212 new members … including Huawei, Alibaba Cloud and Palantir

Last October, Peter Altmaier, German Minister of Economy and Energy declared that American and Chinese technology companies were welcome to join Gaia-X.

212 new members

A few months later, these words have turned into actions as Alibaba Cloud, Huawei and Palantir have just joined this European cloud project. In total, 212 companies, including Snowflake, Cisco, Salesforce, Palo Atlo Networks and Oracle, have recently joined Gaia-X.

But this welcome seems to go against the very principle of this organization: to create a European public cloud offer to offer an alternative to foreign suppliers. The central stake of this project is to bring together companies around a common repository which lists mandatory attributes, such as the absence of submission to certain regulations such as the American Cloud Act. Thus, customers can easily find a supplier through a dedicated search engine.

The Privacy Shield no longer exists

Leaving US companies Gaia-X integrated also flies in the face of European case law. Indeed, in July 2020, the Court of Justice of the EU invalidated the Privacy Shield, ruling that American laws were opposed to European regulations. In other words, except to respect very strict conditions, the American suppliers do not have the right to host the personal data of Europeans.

The first version of Gaia-X, imagined by the Franco-German couple and presented on May 4, seems to gradually fade to give way to a project bringing together companies from around the world, but without real ambition. However, the current rules of the foundation seemed to want to avoid this situation. They provide, for example, that the influence of non-European companies on the operation of Gaia-X must be limited. Therefore, they are not allowed to become a member of the board of directors.

The first labels in December 2021

The association has also announced that the first labeled solutions will be available in December 2021. It also adds that being a member of Gaia-X does not mean that the proposed solutions are compatible with the evaluation grid put in place. . Thus, one can wonder if it would not have been more judicious to organize upstream a selection of companies already in conformity.

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