Game Awards Is Hades coming to Xbox?

Following its many nominations -8 in total- at the Game Awards 2020, many of you are wondering if Hades is available on Xbox. Unfortunately, for now, the Supergiant Games hit is only available on PC and Nintendo Switch. However, the developers took to Twitter last September to answer this question that burns the lips of Xbox and Playstation gamers.

The studio is therefore focused for the time being on the release of Hades on its current platforms and the updates that result from it, but is studying the possibilities of bringing the game to other platforms later. There is no doubt that the many Game Awards nominations, including that of Game of the Year, will propel the game to the forefront and encourage Supergiant Games to bring the game quickly to Playstation and Xbox.


Developed by the creators of Bastion, whose storytelling and artistic direction had marked players when it was released on Xbox 360, Hades is rogue-like that puts you in the shoes of Hades, who will challenge the gods of the dead in an attempt to get out of hell. Note that of the 3 games developed by Supergiant Games, only Bastion was released on Xbox consoles. The next two games, Transistor and Pyre, were only released on Playstation, PC and Switch. We therefore cross our fingers very hard for Hades to allow the studio to reconnect with his first loves.

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