Game Time: How Video Game Brands Can Win New and Existing Customers in 2023

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The world around us is changing rapidly. And the gaming industry is no exception. Despite the post-pandemic downturn in 2022, the gaming industry is gearing up for a comeback. According to a recent report from Ampere, the global gaming market segment is expected to return to growth in 2023, reaching $195 billion in global sales, up from $188 billion in 2022.

“The video game industry continues to gain momentum in 2023. Consoles have become more affordable, VR headsets are moving from niche to mainstream, and many flagship games will launch within the next two quarters. All this adds interest to this category,” said John Coppock, Head of Video Games at Amazon Ads. “In the future, advertisers who understand how the customer journey to purchase is changing will be better equipped to reach the right audience with messages that resonate.”

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Here are three trends that video game brands should look out for as they prepare for 2023:

Video games are one of the most popular gifts in the Amazon store.[1] Amazon video game customers give away free games related games 35% more often than the average Amazon customer. We’re also seeing video game giveaways pick up at the end of the summer and continue to rise through the end of the holiday season.[1]

Marketers can help their brand resonate with customers through promotional messaging and superior advertising solutions like streaming TV ads and online video ads during popular events like Prime Day, graduations and the holiday season.

Interest in PC shopping and virtual reality (VR) continues to grow

Customer interest in PC gaming and virtual reality is not going to abate and represents a big opportunity for brands.[2]

We looked at the most popular purchase requests for non-branded games in 2021 and found that “PC compatible games” fell from the top 10 in 2021 to number two between January 2021 and January 2022. “PC” also made it into the top five. Today’s gamers are eager and curious to explore alternative forms of gaming that go beyond traditional console games. Brands can leverage multipurpose Amazon Ads solutions such as sponsored products, display ads, and video ads to reach buyers interested in other forms of gaming beyond traditional consoles.

Pre-order is still valid

Reaching pre-order audiences remains an important strategy as we head into the holiday season and into 2023. In a survey conducted by Kantar, we asked current-gen game buyers what makes them happy and motivates them to pre-order. More than half (57%) of respondents named the day of delivery as the most important factor when placing an order. Another 52% noted that in-game bonuses and promotions generated interest in a locked copy earlier. While factors such as rarity and guaranteed copy were some of the least common responses.[3] The takeaway for publishers is that as long as there is a clear benefit to customers, they are more likely to see an increase in pre-orders.

We also took a detailed look at the shopping habits of the Amazon pre-order audience. Customers who pre-order spend 1.3x more on game-related items within 90 days of purchase compared to customers who purchase on or after release day. This gives game advertisers the ability to remarket to a pre-order audience that is inclined to invest in their gaming experience. Amazon’s DSP and Sponsored Display Ads allow marketers to reach these customers immediately inside and outside of the Amazon store.

As 2023 approaches, there is an opportunity for brands to deepen engagement with existing and new customers throughout their journey to shopping on Amazon and beyond. Visit to learn more.

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[3] Kantar and Amazon tout U.S. Next-Gen P2P Game Console Study April 2022

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