Gameplay Operation: Tango We infiltrate an ultra-secure vault

Released a few weeks ago, Operation: Tango is an asymmetric cooperative game. In order to carry out your mission successfully, you will indeed have to work on two different fronts. On the one hand, the hacker will have the task of infiltrating the digital infrastructure of the target, and on the other, the agent will have to act on the ground. We suggest you follow a mission through the prism of the second: the agent.

A virus threatens to decimate the planet … Your mission, if you accept it, is to manage to enter the vault and find the safe which contains the genome of this famous virus. By helping you with your teammate, you must infiltrate the building without being detected. Communication will be essential for success! But if your partner’s hacking skills will be very useful to you, it will also be necessary to show good reflexes and savvy in order to be able to decrypt different passwords or to avoid the laser beams which could undermine your mission.

Operation: Tango has been available since June 1 on PC, PS4 and PS5, and will be available at a later date on Xbox One, Xbox Series.

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