Games: Former Nintendo America Boss Makes Halo… His Favorite Video Game! – Journal of high-tech games

Except for the Nintendo titles, of course! In a lengthy interview published a few days ago, former Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils Ame talked about his favorite video game outside of Nintendo products. And like a good American, a stakeholder voted for the Microsoft-Xbox app, namely Halo. The type of game that he rarely had to present during shows at E3 or anywhere else during his time at Kyoto…

“I’m saying this because the original Xbox was in my living room before I had the GameCube,” Reggie said. “I was not a Nintendo employee. I was on my own “journey” in a video game. “My kids were pushing me, ‘We should have an Xbox.’ We were able to play this Halo game. And they ended up kicking my ass. I mean… not that I’m good at it, but I really enjoyed this game. [avec eux]”.

So Reggie Fils-Aim gave in to pressure from his kids at the time to invest in the first Xbox console. Before working with Nintendo for many years.

source: W. G. Charts

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