Games that are good for the soul

The consequences of the last two years, the lack of resources and the need to cry make mental health, especially for young people, one of the most important issues today. Here are eight games known for their approach…

Take This is dedicated to reducing the stigma of mental health issues and increasing support in the gaming community. So in 2017, officials decided to create a biennial prize to reward video games that exemplify mental health, healing, and hope.

Vintage of the Year

For 2022, the organization has just unveiled a list of three finalists for the jury, whose names “represent mental health topics and subjects in a compassionate and non-stigmatized way”, as well as the public’s choice.

The first thing we notice about “Chicory: A Colorful Tale” is the music composed by Lena Reign (to which we owe the “Celeste” we’re about to tell you about, and… “Minecraft”). We then bind to all the characters in this world, in which the player incarnates a dog who, with a brush in hand, must restore his colors in the province of Picnic, which has become black and white. Each character you meet has its own personality, including emotions – yes, even negative ones, in order to better understand them. And the more one draws, the more the story advances. It’s sweet and gentle.

Cozy World, literally Cozy World, takes you to an island. There you become a Ghost Scout, and your goal is to comfort the other Ghost Scouts so that they find peace. The visual design makes the title definitely child-friendly, and since the action takes place in real time, new content is offered every day and players are encouraged to play for around an hour a day. And throughout this Cozy World, a message of hope undoubtedly prevails.

Certainly the excellent Life is Strange: True Colors is on the list. The game is aimed at teenagers and adults and features Alex Chen, a young woman whose brother has died. Endowed with a particularly strong empathy, she uses this psychic power to find out the cause of her brother’s death. Among the many contemporary topics covered are foster families, childhood trauma, and how we feel the emotions of others.

The amazing game for teenagers “Spiritfarer” is the story of Stella, a ferryman of souls, who, aboard her ferry, provides support to the dead she is transporting before taking them to their destination. A whole aspect of the Canadian title is under control – you can fish, collect minerals, grow plants, create items – in addition to purely emotional content, all this teaches all viewers to say goodbye.

Very entertaining and colorful, Psychonauts 2 won awards for its adequate depiction of mental health. Indeed, disorders are presented artistically from the point of view of those who suffer from them. Indeed, Raz, a 10-year-old child, must unravel the mystery of the double agents rampant among the Psychonauts. To do this, he penetrates the minds of the suspects, learning everything about their troubles, fears and memories.

Previous years…

2020 winner “Celeste” is a Canadian game originally developed during a game jam. Gamers control little Madeline as she tries to climb a mountain filled with obstacles presented level by level. But be careful, the obstacles are the work of Badelina, her agitated alter ego. In the same year, the amazing “Sea of ​​Solitude” depicted a young woman with a difficult childhood who, as an adult, finds it so difficult to control her anger, despair and anxiety that she turns into a monster.

The very first winner in 2017? It was a great Stardew Valley. A farming simulation game whose title takes you to your grandfather’s farm, who has just died. You take over the family farm while interacting with the inhabitants of the neighboring village. Relaxing and lively, Stardew Valley is considered by some reviewers to be one of the best video games ever made.

Book of links

Chicory: A Colorful Tale: for Windows and PlayStation.

Cozy World: for Windows, Xbox, Switch and PlayStation.

Life is Strange: True Colors: for multiple platforms.

Spiritfarer: for Windows, Xbox, PlayStation and Twitch.

Psychonauts 2: for Xbox

Celeste: for multiple platforms.

Sea of ​​Solitude: for Windows, PlayStation and Xbox.

Stardew Valley: for multiple platforms.

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