Games: The unthinkable has happened: the Xbox series has surpassed the PS5 (but not the Switch) in the US! – Journal of high-tech games

All was bad for the Xbox Series X/S, which had a good launch punctuated by a shortage of inventory, but far less than that of its great rival, the PS5. And yet, judging by software releases – still timid no matter what, with regards to big “domestic” exceptions – and, above all, major studio purchases, the American firm ended up taking advantage over its Japanese counterpart. Because for three quarters in a row, the next generation console outsold the Playstation 5 on American soil…

Xbox Series: Leader for 9 consecutive months with Uncle Sam

“In the gaming business, we have sold more consoles to date than any previous generation. Xbox and have been the market leader in North America for 3 consecutive quarters of next-gen consoles,” said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, who did not elaborate that the Nintendo Switch is unaffected by these remarks. USA, like everywhere else. Thus, from October 2021 until the end of June 2022, the next generation car is ahead of its competitor.

Among the successes of Microsoft and the Xbox Series in terms of software, Fortnite is contributing: “We became partners in epic games make Fortnite free through the browser,” said Nadella. “To date, over 4 million people have streamed the game, including over 1 million newcomers to our ecosystem. »

A big hit across the Atlantic, but one that has yet to be confirmed on the old continent, where the Sony PS5 maintains a clear lead…

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