gamescom 2021 There is no Light unleashes its darkness and announces exit window

Game news gamescom 2021 – There is no Light unleashes its darkness and announces exit window

Until yesterday, we only had a very short video clip to give us an idea of ​​the grim vibe that emanates from There is no Light. As part of the Awesome Indies event, the game has extended the previously released excerpt to illustrate the nervousness of its fights a little longer, but also to reveal an exit window.

Just as its name suggests, the universe of There is no Light seems desperate for an ounce of light and it is not the remnants of human civilization that evolve within the game that you are contradicting us. Tucked away in underground ruins, the inhabitants have given life to a new religious society and are trying to survive in a world struck by a terrible apocalypse.

The hero that we embody in There is no Light must deliver his child to the deity of this new religion, the Big Hand, but he does not hear it that way. He will do everything to save his child from the clutches of the Big Hand.

To do this, the adventure of There is no Light takes the form of a 2D metroidvania that takes our hero beyond the gates of Sanctuary, a hostile world, in which the Big Hand takes the newborns it has chosen, swarming with hordes of dangerous and powerful enemies and bosses.

Carried by the rage to save his child, the protagonist that we embody will have to be particularly aggressive and will not be able to refuse the confrontation: the game system, in fact, encourages it (and it shows in the trailer!) and there are plenty of weapons that will allow you to develop your own playstyle.

As for the scenario, history is free to travel and, as you meet and discover, the secrets of this world’s past will be revealed to you while the world will vary depending on your actions.

There is no Light, developed by Zelart and published by HypeTrain Digital, is due out November 2021 on PC via Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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