gamescom 2021: Wasteland 3 a new DLC announced in video

Game news gamescom 2021: Wasteland 3 – a new DLC announced in video

It was during the gamescom 2021 Xbox conference that this expansion, entitled The Cult of the Holy Detonation, offered a small teaser.

In this new DLC, your role will be to secure a complex located at Mount Cheyenne, which swarms with monstrous enemies of all kinds. You know the song: there will be new characters, new weapons, new quests … a lot of novelties in short, each one more radioactive than the next.

For information, this DLC will be included in the Colorado Collection. This version of the game will of course include Wasteland 3, but also the two DLCs The Battle of Steeltown and The Cult of the Holy Detonation. And to top it all, a little bonus titled Colorado Survival Gear will allow you to have access to exclusive elements. This collection will be available in digital version for the sum of € 59.99. The DLC alone will cost you € 6.99.

The Cult of the Holy Detonation DLC is scheduled for release October 5 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. And not to complicate matters unnecessarily, the date is the same for Wasteland 3 Colorado Collection.

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