“Gamma Draconis”: when the manga seizes on transhumanism

A Japanese woman in Paris. No, that couldn’t have been an alternate title for this “Gamma Draconis” – too blue flower! – but the starting point of this manga which stages the dizzying promises of transhumanism … The young woman in question, Aiko, studies religious art at the Sorbonne. At least in appearance. Her real interest leads her rather to the occult. Dangerous passion which puts her on the road of a megalomaniac English financier: Julian Bedford, true “supervillain” à la Lex Luthor (hairy), billionaire who intends to mix new technologies and black magic to conquer the world …

Gamma Draconis, the brightest star in the constellation Dragon

Delusional? Rather uninhibited, the scenario cooked up by the French journalist Benoist Simmat (author of several articles for the Science and the Future) which gives pride of place to the imagination while relying on contemporary scientific themes: ubiquitous networks, biological manipulations, astrophysics (Gamma Draconis is the name of the brightest star in the constellation Dragon ) and therefore transhumanism which promises the advent of men and women with “increased” capacities (one thinks of “replicants” of the Blade runner adapted from Philip K. Dick).

A plate taken from Gamma Draconis, screenplay by Benoist Simmat, drawing by Eldo Yoshimizu. Credit: The Black Lizard.

Between Franco-Belgian comics and manga

Bedford, who will be able to evoke certain Muskian figures of contemporary Silicon Valley, in his belief in that money can buy anything, has thus equipped himself with a bodyguard with a human appearance but whose characteristics are more like machines. . The superb drawing of Eldo Yoshimizu thus shows some memorable scenes, like Bedford meditating near the remains, cut in two, of his transhumanized accomplice. A real mise en abyme, because if the manga Gamma draconis plays hybrid characters, he himself is one. Created by a Franco-Japanese duo for a French publisher, this gegika makes the joint between the heirs of Tezuka and those of Hergé. We are waiting for the rest!

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