Ganymed Robotics announces €21 million fundraiser

Ganymed Robotics, a developer of computer vision software and robotic technology for orthopedic surgery, announced in early July that it had raised €21 million in its Series B funding round. Crédit Mutuel Innovation, Kurma Partners, BNP Paribas Développement and world renowned surgeons have joined forces.

For thirty years, robotic systems have continued to evolve, improving the accuracy of the surgical gesture and its reproducibility. Interventions are less invasive, less traumatic, with the preservation of the musculature around the joints. Whatever brand, material and model of joint prosthesis the surgeon chooses, the quality of the fitting is critical. Today, 95% of orthopedic surgery operations are performed without technical or robotic assistance, with a very high patient dissatisfaction rate exceeding 20%.

Ganymed Robotics Platform

Ganymed Robotics, founded in 2018 in Paris under the direction of Sophie Kahen, has 25 employees. It aims to improve patient outcomes, surgeon experience, and the overall effectiveness of joint replacement procedures. To this end, the startup has developed, in close collaboration with world-renowned doctors and consultants, its own technology platform based on computer vision and mechatronics. The latter allows surgeons to provide personalized patient care without the hassle and invasiveness of cutting guides, optical tracking, and intramedullary nails.

Ganymed Robotics has also received a €2.5 million grant and a €10 million investment from the European Council for the development and industrialization phase of its first application, a hand co-manipulated by a surgeon for fitting knee prostheses. which has been confirmed in 100 patients.

Fundraising in the amount of 21 million euros

This Series B fundraiser will enable:

  • Accelerate the expansion of Ganymed in France and the US;
  • Complete the industrialization of your first application;
  • Acceleration of regulatory and marketing developments in different regions;
  • Diversify your application portfolio with your own technology platform.

Sophie Kahen, co-founder and president of Ganymed Robotics, says:

“Supporting such a prestigious group of investors in the field of innovation and health care is a strong confirmation of the work done by the entire team. This new phase of development that takes us to market will be critical in our journey as future champions of interventional medical technology. With our robotic computer vision platform, we want to provide surgeons and medical centers of all sizes with an easy-to-use, cost-effective device that will radically improve orthopedic surgical practice and patient satisfaction. »

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