Gardoise Corinne Doualla moved from video games to children’s literature

The Saint-Ponnaise writer has released her first children’s book, Quentin le petit marin, which traces her story with her son and could speak to many other parents…

From 3D graphic designer to author is just one step away! Corinne Dualla has begun writing her first book, published on July 4th. This is the culmination of a story that has lasted fifteen years. Before moving to Gardes when her son was born, Corinne Dualla worked as a 3D graphic designer for Ubisoft in Paris. She has been illustrating video games for over ten years.

This change of life allowed him to find himself in a favorable environment, where everything quickly fell into place.I felt like a lighthouse keeper, alone in the middle of the ocean, I wanted to travel.Having received the education of a visual artist, the author quickly returned to painting.I found myself free, and for my return to painting, I painted pictures that were related to my son and told my story.


“The story of my book developed at the same time as I did”. Quentin, the main character, was already created by Corinne Dualla when she was still at Ubisoft. This character in the bookrepresents the two of us, it’s pretty universal. Not only a mother writes for her son, many women will find themselves in this, in personal fulfillment, the search for happiness, fulfillment.”

The story is told in chronological order, and the pictures she draws serve as illustrations. “I wanted to breathe life into my paintings, to express the sensual and the invisible, so that children could travel and dream.” with an invitation to throw into life. The story is also related to motherhood. For the author, becoming a mother was a revelation. her child “My light and I am the way. If I’m following this path, it’s because it exists.”

Corinne Dualla wrote this book for parents to read to their children and “to share a privileged moment with him”. This book, conceived as a work of art, is a story that will be of interest to many people. A continuation is planned.

Sold for €16.50 on the Faralonn Éditions website, from the Bagnols publishing house, and from the Kiosque bookshop-press on Rue Cremieu in Bagnolet.

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