Gargoyles Remastered: Disney’s Announced Mega Drive Platformer Remastered

The short but to the point Disney & Marvel Games Showcase had a few surprises, including a remastering of the 90s classic Gargoyles Remastered, a modernized version of the 1995 Mega Drive game adapted for the Gargoyles, Angels of the Night animated series.

Details are scarce, but Disney is already promising “updated graphics and controls” for modern PCs and consoles (not yet specified). Development was entrusted to Empty Clip Studios, the North American team to which we owe NHL ’94 Rewind, A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV or Symphony. And that’s all we know about the project, for which a simple logo has been released so far.

Expecting to know more, nostalgics can get a POP! gargoyles, angels of the night on Rakuten.

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