Garmin fitness and smartwatches get new features

Garmin is releasing a number of new features for its fitness and outdoor smartwatches and cycling computers.

These new software features are rolling out for select devices and will include some new heart rate tracking features and more. You can see more information below.

Some of the notable features1 for smartwatches in this software release include:

  • SatIQ™: To prolong battery life, SatIQ will automatically turn on multiband GPS in places where it is needed most, such as in narrow canyons or downtown with tall buildings, and then turn it off when it is no longer needed to keep athletes could get the most out of it. from their battery.
  • Heart rate variability (HRV) status: Track your heart rate variability while you sleep to get a more accurate picture of your recovery and overall health.2
  • Morning Report: When paired with a smartphone, get the day’s weather and daily workout recommendations, as well as last night’s sleep information and HRV status. The report can even be customized so athletes can only view the details they want to see.
  • Race Widget: View race preparation information including race day performance forecast, race day weather and countdown clock all in one widget.
  • Updated Training Status: Using new metrics such as HRV status, recent exercise history and performance, athletes will get a sense of their overall effort and whether they are training productively, peaking or pushing hard.
  • Stock Tracker: Track up to 50 stocks—right from your wrist—with the Stocks app. Easily check stocks at a glance to track their prices and trends throughout the day.3

Some of the notable features1 for cycling computers in this software release include:

  • Music control: When connected to a compatible smartphone, you can control your music directly on your Edge device.
  • Workout Status: Use new metrics like HRV status, recent exercise history, and performance to get a sense of your overall effort and whether your workout is productive, peak, or strenuous.4
  • Intensity Minutes: See how many intensity minutes were earned during each ride.4
  • Full eBike Support: Connect an ANT or ANT+ compatible eBike to view eBike user data, adjust assistance levels, and view remaining range based on your planned course.

Free software updates are already available. Customers can update their smartwatch or cycling computer by enabling automatic updates from their device or using Garmin Express™. For a complete list of features available for linked devices, click here.

You can learn more about the new fitness and tracking features coming to Garmin devices at the link below.

Source Garmin

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