Gas, electricity: the government’s ways to reduce the bill

Maud Descamps
9:00 am, September 29, 2021, modified in
10:22 am, September 29, 2021

It will be increasingly difficult to pay your energy bills. But as gas and electricity prices skyrocket, the government is working on various measures to prevent the French from directly suffering from the expected sharp price increases. This could mean, for example, easing recent increases or reducing energy taxes.


The government would have come out well, a few months before the presidential elections, from such a major threat to the purchasing power of the French. How to limit the impact of rising energy prices? This is the question that has plagued the entire executive for a few weeks. Although the price of gas will rise 12.6%, on Friday it is 57% higher than its price a year ago. It is not better for electricity, the prices of which will also increase early next year. The energy check has been extended by 100 euros, but it will not be enough to cover the price increase.

The rise in gas and electricity prices could be extended

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal announced on our antenna on Tuesday that other aid was being studied and various scenarios were being studied. The first would be to smooth the rise in gas and electricity prices to avoid sudden variations in the amounts of the bills. It is a mechanism that was already used last year and the year before. Allow the increase to spread, especially during the summer months when prices are lower.

Another approach mentioned, tax reduction: Today, taxes represent 30% of our energy bill, including VAT on taxes. A surcharge denounced by several MPs with whom Europe 1 was able to argue, who believe that its removal would lighten the bills of the French.

What is the government calendar?

The government is consulting both experts from the Energy Regulatory Commission and suppliers such as EDF or Engie, who have provided the executive with avenues for reflection to lower the bill. In any case, an important player in this sector made it clear that there should be no measures that harm its competitiveness and the ecological transition. The arbitrations should be dictated in the next few days.

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