Gas price skyrocketing: are there alternatives?

ACCOUNT – On August 1, regulated gas prices will rise by an average of 5.3%, while in July they have already increased by almost 10%. This is a radical increase for the millions of gas-fired French homes. What are the alternatives to get around this development?

Millions of French families who cook and heat with gas will get big bills this weekend. After a 9.9% increase without tax from 1 July, regulated gas prices will rise 5.3% from 1 August. Specifically, for a family with two children living in an area of ​​less than 200 square meters, this means an increase of 1 euro per month for hot water and cooking and 5 euros for heating.

This increase is attributable in part to the recovery in global economic activity following the health crisis, which is driving up energy prices. Prices have increased by 26% since January 2021. Unheard of in Europe in 12 years. In 2009, the price of gas fell below the level of 9 euros per megawatt hour. Today it reaches 31 euros, which is more than three times more. The Ministry of Ecological Transition has already warned that in this context it will be difficult to imagine price reductions in the coming months.

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So to avoid this sequential increase, this graphic designer, interviewed in the video at the top of the article, decided to change the offer and the supplier. Simple, free and smooth operation. He chose the fixed option at 76 euros per month for heating. He estimates the savings at around € 216 per year. “It’s not bad, he gives me a plane ticket to Germany, Berlin, to friends,” he said with satisfaction.

Beware of too tempting offers

“Moving from a regulated price that fluctuates to a fixed price can be interesting, but we have to watch very closely the evolution of the offer over time,” explains Frederic Ferio, CEO of National Energy Intermediary Services. “First, keep an eye out for offers that might seem very attractive. The supplier undertakes to maintain this fixed price for a certain period of time, if it exceeds one year, in a year he will be able to offer you new tariff rules and be careful, because they may be much less interesting than the ones you initially signed up for. ” it folds over the TF1 microphone.

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You can always compare the prices of this government recognized online electricity and gas comparator to ensure you get the best deal on the market. The free tool compares prices of different providers.

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