Gas prices: Jean Castex announcements at 8pm Thursday to contain the increase

Rising energy prices have been at the center of concerns for many French households for several weeks. In addition to the sharp rise in regulated gas prices, + 12.6%, forecast for October 1, Le Parisien revealed on September 29 that the trend is not over yet. An increase of almost 15% is expected for November 1 in gas bills. To cope with this wave, Prime Minister Jean Castex will announce a series of measures on the 20-hour set of TF1, the channel announced.

The increase of 100 euros in the energy check for six million homes, announced at the end of summer, does not seem to be enough to appease spirits and wallets. Therefore, this measure should not be renewed to help the purchasing power of the French. However, the government is studying several additional avenues. Among them, the freezing of the increases in regulated rates would be considered by the tenant of Matignon, with an update that would take place in several months, according to our colleagues. This means that the government would bet on the inversion of the price curve during the year 2022.

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Electricity is also expected to increase

Gas prices have exploded in Europe for a number of reasons. As our Agence France-Presse colleagues reported, broadcast in particular by La Voix du Nord, global stocks are falling while demand, particularly in Asia, is increasing. Norway and Russia, the main gas exporters, cannot increase their delivery volumes. Therefore, the price of electricity, indexed to that of gas, is likely to follow the trend and the UFC-Que Choisir has already indicated that it expects an increase of around 10% in early 2022.

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