Gears Tactics: 50 successes to complete with your best strategies

“This is how I like locusts! The bigger they are, the better they burst!”. Edited by Microsoft Studios, Gears Tactics will arrive on April 28 on PC (the Xbox One version to be released later this year). Twelve years before the events of the first Gears of War, the title will make you follow the adventures of Gabe Diaz, father of Kait Diaz, main character of Gears 5. In order to accompany you on your journey, but also to give you a little challenge , the game will offer you a number of 50 achievements to recover. These will be added to our complete Gears Tactics solution.

Again, if you want to avoid spoilers, we don’t recommend reading the page. For the others, find below the list of the 50 successes of the game:

  • World on Fire

    Secret Achievement: 5G.

  • Hell of a shot

    Secret Achievement: 10G.

  • The bigger they are, the harder they fall

    Secret Achievement: 10G.

  • Maybe too much spine…

    Secret Achievement: 10G.

  • Broken hand, broken heart

    Secret Achievement: 20G.

  • Dead men tell no tales

    Secret Achievement: 20G.

  • Champion of Vasgar

    Complete all campaigns (Any difficulty): 40G.

  • Hero of Vasgar

    Complete all campaigns on Expert or Infamous difficulty: 60G.

  • Savior of Vasgar

    Complete all acts of the campaign on the insane difficulty: 80G.

  • Smash!

    Perform a Sabotage mission: 10G.

  • Fortuna Audaces Sequitur

    Perform a Recovery mission: 10G.

  • Everyone stay cool, this is a robbery!

    Carry out a Control mission: 10G.

  • Stronger Together

    Perform a Rescue mission: 10G.

  • We’re in the endgame now

    Carry out a Veteran mission: 10G

  • I could do this all day

    Perform 20 Veteran missions: 30G.

  • Grubslayer

    Kill 10 enemies: 10G.

  • Grubslaughter

    Kill 1000 enemies: 20G.

  • Grubpocalypse

    Kill 10,000 enemies: 50G.

  • Tactics!

    Perform a chainsaw execution: 5G.

  • Tick ​​Tick Tick…

    Kill an enemy with a Ticker explosion: 5G.

  • Boom!

    Kill 100 enemies with Ticker explosions: 30G.

  • Legen (wait for it)…

    Upgrade a main weapon fully with legendary mods: 20G.

  • … Dary!

    Upgrade each Hero’s main weapon with legendary mods: 40G.

  • I am Ironman

    Finish the campaign on any difficulty with Ironman mode activated: 10G.

  • God-like

    Perform 20 missions without any of your units dying or being shot: 20G.

  • Immortal

    Perform 100 missions without any of your units dying or being shot: 40G.

  • I never miss

    Hit a target with 10% chance of hitting or less: 10G.

  • Happy killmore

    Close an “Emergency Hole” by inserting a Ticker: 10G.

  • I’ve got your ‘BOOM’ right here!

    Kill a Boomer with a boomshot: 10G.

  • The path of the righteous man

    Complete a mission without any of your units dying or being shot: 10G.

  • BOGO

    Kill an enemy, AND an enemy behind him, with a single burst of bullets: 10G.

  • Trick Shot

    Make 4 murders with one hit from Torque Bow: 10G.

  • Demolition Expert

    Close an Emergency Hole before enemies emerge: 10G.

  • High noon

    Complete a mission by only doing damage with the Snub: 30G pistol.

  • Ain’t no one like me, pt cept me!

    Perform a mission of infamous difficulty with a single soldier: 30G.

  • Immortal Legion

    Complete the campaign on the infamous difficulty without a single unit dying: 50G.

  • Seriously Tactical

    Win Grubpocalypse, Immortal Legion, I Could Do This All Day and Boom! : 100G.

  • Check out the big brain on Brett!

    Kill 5 enemies with a single surveillance action: 10G.

  • Piñata

    Kill a single unit that has suffered damage from each Gear in the mission: 10G.

  • Snafu

    Heal an enemy unit with a Stim: 5G grenade.

  • Aw man, I shot Marvin in the face.

    Ground a Gear with friendly fire: 5G

  • Oh, I’m sorry, did I break your concentration?

    Interrupt enemy surveillance with a disruptive shot from the Snub: 5G pistol.

  • We should have shotguns for this…

    Complete a Veteran mission with all Scout units: 10G.

  • Backdoor Man

    Kill 6 targets with a single Rampage, after leaving Cloak: 10G.

  • Three count

    Hit with 3 explosive shots while having the maximum anchoring bonus in a single turn: 10G.

  • Trouble in Paradise

    Empower a team working unit and gain 3 AP through their murders: 10G.

  • Midnight hour

    Earn AP using the Avenger skill, then use Rage Fire to kill the unit that causes your AP gain: 10G.

  • Up Up Down Down

    Use Alpha and Omega twice each in the same turn: 10G.

  • The Big Ending

    Revive a scout with the Stim ability and then use that scout to kill at least 5 enemies with Rampage: 20G.

  • Great revenge and furious anger…

    Break 3 enemies and kill an enemy with a precision shot, an enemy with a careless shot, and an enemy with a double shot: 20G.

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