GeForce Now: Efficient 4K on Mac and Windows

While Xbox Game Pass is improving to cope with PlayStation Plus Premium, another big player in cloud gaming is also preparing its own little revolution. GeForce Now, after several years of work, will finally offer 4K video games for Windows and Mac without the need for an Nvidia Shield TV. The offer is the most tempting. Find out in this article about the conditions for playing in 4K on the Nvidia service.

4K games at last

Cloud gaming, everyone wants it. In June, PlayStation Plus will offer an offer that can compete with the leader of the Xbox Game Pass. For its part, Square Enix sold its western subsidiaries for an absurd amount in order to better invest in Cloud Gaming. Therefore, the competition in this market with almost infinite potential is becoming more and more intense. To meet this competition, Nvidia is using quality weapons. 4K will now be available on GeForce Now.

It’s not exactly new. It has been possible to play video games in 4K resolution on the platform for some time now. On the other hand, you had to use an Nvidia Shield TV, which is not very practical for all subscribers. From now on, it will be possible to enjoy 4K graphics right in Windows. The good news is that Macs won’t be affected, as Apple computers, without waiting for the famous M3 chip, will also be affected. 4K will have a frame rate of 60fps.

To be able to offer this very high resolution, Nvidia uses DLSS oversampling technology. Hence, this is not a native definition of 4K. The Nvidia website explains: “4K streaming gets a boost from DLSS, a revolutionary AI rendering technology that boosts graphics performance with dedicated AI tensor cores of RTX GPUs. DLSS uses the power of a deep learning neural network to increase frame rates and create beautiful images. in-game visual effects.

How to take advantage of this?

4K on GeForce Now will be available exclusively through a dedicated app. Therefore, it will not be available if you access the platform from a browser. Already have an app? You will just need to update it to find the 4K option on the platform. But be careful, it won’t be available to all users. It will be reserved for subscribers of the RTX 3080 formula, which costs €19.99 per month.

Some may think that the cost of a subscription is quite expensive. However, it’s especially attractive because, at the same price, subscribers to this formula get an impressive jump from 1440p to 4K. After that, we expect HDR for the service to offer one of the best cloud gaming experiences. The speed at which GeForce Now has evolved over the past few months won’t take long. To be continued!!!

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