Generali, in collaboration with Novaxia R, now offers investments in the housing sector – September 2021 – News – Life insurance –

Generali is known for its expertise in the area of ​​warranty coverage. A full member of the FAIR association, formerly Finansol, the company operates in many countries on various continents, such as France. Recently, the brand signed an agreement with the recycling fund Novaxia R, also part of the group.

The insurer Generali has activated an agreement with the fund for the recycling of office buildings in homes Novaxia R. It is a collaboration in terms of investment in the housing sector. Previously known in the field of life insurance, the coverage guarantee company intends to develop its activity by incorporating the housing sector into its service offering.

The two stakeholders hope to get the most out of this exclusive partnership on both sides, taking into account the satisfaction of customers’ needs. This service is especially dedicated to the savings of the coverage guarantee company. Offering an unprecedented privilege, many of the targeted people will no doubt be in awe of this new product.

The insurance house reiterates its promises

Therefore, Generali has incorporated the housing segment into its services. Thanks to this collaboration between the two members of the FAIR association, the coverage guarantee company will now provide the Novaxia R fund with a reference in units of account of your life insurance contracts. In this vision, the brand has announced that it reiterates its promises to offer adequate services to its customers. In this regard, Hugues Aubry, member of the Executive Committee of Generali France, in charge of the savings market and wealth management, explains that:

With this fund, Generali reinforces and pursues its commitment in the area of ​​invested impact and more broadly in the area of ​​sustainable, useful and conviction-based savings.

Hugues Aubry

Additionally, Novaxia R, owned by portfolio management giant Novaxia Investissement, also intends to increase its prowess through this deal. In fact, the latter plans to build thousands of homes on his driving range. In addition, thanks to a financing of one billion euros, the recycling fund for residential office buildings also plans to face the challenge of reaching 5% net management performance per year.

Take advantage of the current economic situation linked to the fall in office prices

The collaboration between Generali and Novaxia R is added as part of the investment in housing. In addition, this association takes advantage of the current situation linked to the decrease in the value of office prices. With this in mind, interested parties intend to take this opportunity to test a new service. On this subject, Hugues Aubry adds that:

For the first time, Generali Vie savers will be able to invest in housing, through their life insurance contracts, while capturing the capital gain resulting from the fall in office values, explains Generali. Recycle operations from offices to homes, more and more numerous, while seeking to reconcile the social utility and the profitability of their savings.

Hugues Aubry

It must be recognized that Generali and Novaxia R are confident in the success of this new project. Thanks to this service, these brands want to conquer the savings, insurance and housing markets at the same time. Its evolution remains to be seen.

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