Generation Z: fewer views, but better memory

We all interact differently with the advertisements we are exposed to. To understand how it is with the youngest, Snap inc. commissioned two studies from the Kantar company. Viewing time and memorization were thus analyzed.

The first study carried out in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the USA therefore consisted in analyzing the behavior of 2,000 smartphone owners during 75 seconds of browsing with the broadcast of the same skippable advertisement. The objective is to see how long the ad in question was viewed.

Kantar shows that participants belonging to Generation Z spend less time on content, whether advertising or not. But, although Boomers, Gen Xs, and Millennials linger longer on what’s on screen, Gen Z has the best recall rate. In a few figures, 59% of respondents belonging to generation Z remember the correction of the advertiser presented on their smartphone, against 57% among millennials and 47% among generation X.

If we dig a little deeper into the subject, we can see that 55% of genzers passed the proposed advertisement in less than two seconds, while 26% of over 40s spent more than four seconds. For Andy Pang, one of the study leaders at Kantar, members of Generation Z represent an opportunity for brands. Almost born with a smartphone in their hands, they know how to use a device faster than their predecessors and can consume more information in less time, without wasting a bit.

The study shows that generation Z processes the content they watch more quickly. Faced with this, brands can adapt their ads to this audience whose cognitive processing takes less time, by creating ads where the message and the product can be mentioned as early as possible.

Depending on the age of Internet users, several levels of creativity are possible. It is not a question of placing one generation above another, but rather of offering content adapted to each person’s habits.

The second study conducted by Kantar for Snap inc. was to analyze the brand preferences of 12,000 Internet users from Australia, Canada, France, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the United States. While older people tend to like multiple brands, Gen Z seems more demanding and regularly prefers just one.

In addition, where baby boomers, millennials and Generation X set their sights on brands based on the functionality or pleasure of using a product, Generation Z is sensitive to respect for the environment and the quality of service. customer and product exclusivity. Obviously, the recommendation of a brand by friends or family can strongly influence the choices of genzers. But, for professionals, it also means that they can and must take sides in order to win the favor of the youngest consumers.

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