Generation Z no longer accepts bad experiences

The natives of the web are demanding and brands will have to live with it. According to a survey carried out by the company Sitecore, Internet users born between the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 2010s will come to shake up the digital world. Claiming fast, ergonomic platforms and a well-oiled user experience, Gen Z has a number of expectations that professionals can hardly ignore.

With platforms like Amazon, Uber or Airbnb for reference, genzers have no time to waste on the Web and “small” online businesses could pay the price. Figures show that 63% of young Internet users surveyed lose patience on slow or operating sites and they are sure to let it be known. Indeed, 37% of respondents say they abandon a purchase or publish a negative opinion in the event of a bad experience.

A before and after Covid

In one year, many lines have changed. Online purchases are more numerous today and consumers say they are 57% less loyal to brands than before the pandemic we are going through. Loyalty still, less than one in two respondents say they are ready to give a brand a second chance before turning to the competition; unless you are rewarded!

Yes, in a world where 83% of consumers believe that a purchase is more of an experience than a simple transaction, 76% of them expect a gift or gesture from brands to keep them loyal.

The customer is king and loyalty is one-sided here, explains the study. It is up to brands to do what is necessary to attract and satisfy these new consumers. Some may see it as a whim, but from the point of view of people who grew up with e-commerce, such a high standard is completely understandable. By buying, Generation Z engages, finances and supports a brand. Seen from this angle, his gesture can then be rewarded with: free shipping, a promotional code or simply a better online experience.

Beyond loyalty and notoriety, the quality of technology is also a priority with this new generation.

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