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Black is black, is there no more hope? Maybe, but from love, the hero of Genesis Noir has at least as much to spare as his watches. Lost in a conflict against cosmic beings, the enigmatic character will have to move time and skies to save the sparkling Miss Mass. By presenting such a stratospheric pitch, the Fellow Traveler teams accept the fact that they do not really have the derbies on earth. As for the player, jazz in his ears and glitter in front of his eyes, he will live an adventure that can definitely not be locked in a box.

Big sensory bang

This is not a failure of your monitor, do not try to adjust the picture: yes, Genesis Noir is a game unlike any other. Sold as a point and click Full of puzzles, it is in fact a kind of interactive graphic novel with unparalleled artistic direction. A clever mix of 2D and 3D, the software has fun with perspectives, shapes, materials, colors and lighting, like what we are usually used to seeing from the illustration. Every shot in every sequence could be captured, printed and then proudly displayed on a wall. Genesis Noir is an aesthetic uppercut whose strength is amplified by the success of its multiple experiments.. Whether it’s how layers are used or how scenes flow together, the point and click collects well-felt visual finds. We just regret a camera that hiccups from time to time, as well as the presence of some bugs that require – if you are unlucky – to relaunch the current chapter.

You will understand, the artistic direction leaves us speechless with admiration. The adventure being particularly short (4:10 watch in hand to recover the 1000 Success points), we are not going to dwell too much on the deliberately cryptic scenario, but largely understandable. However, keep in mind to have it open : the infinitely small joins the infinitely large in this unusual investigation where love, bubble universe, revenge and music mingle. Speaking of music, know that the sound environment of the title is also excellent, carried by well-selected songs and by a sound design first class. The sounds add, merge, appear, disappear, in short, participate in the construction of the story displayed on the screen. As the dialogues are generally absent from the journey, the high quality of the sound environment takes on its full meaning here. From the gunshot behind the Big Bang to the mind-blowing last dance (literally), Genesis Noir delights our eyes and ears. Great spectacle.

Playful blues stroke

Genesis Noir: Beauty Isn't Everything

Unlike a considerable number of point and click already released, Genesis Noir does not offer an inventory or an action box. As a result, the title of Fellow Traveler is easily tamed without a riddle or a particular situation disrupting the player’s progress (with the exception of the riddle with the oscilloscopes, towards the end of the game). ‘epic). In reality, with its exploration sequences in free control, the adventure resembles a walking simulator in disguise, an impression reinforced by the fact that certain sequences take place as one would turn the pages of a comic book, the stick pressed towards the end. ‘before. In this epic placed under the sign of love, the levels follow one another and the puzzles are alike. At first glance, Genesis Noir makes it a point of honor to amaze the player through a succession of mini-games. On the menu: moving time forward as if the sky were just a common disk, touching the clouds to make rain fall, connecting orbs, tearing off flower petals or even putting together puzzle pieces. With rare exceptions (like the right pairs of lovers to conceive), these sequences struggle to renew themselves and are not very interesting in their execution. Surely meant to be played on the Switch touchscreen, minigames are losing their appeal on Xbox One / Xbox Series a bit more.

Echoing the split evoked during the epic, the balance between artistic direction and gameplay is completely unbalanced. From a strictly playful point of view, Genesis Noir does not therefore offer anything remarkable. With a universe like his, we could have hoped for mini-games of another caliber. In addition, the maneuverability during the puzzles is far from optimal: we would have liked to be able to use the right joystick to turn around the collected elements or to orient ourselves during the moments of research, rather than to do everything via the left stick. More generally, it is regrettable to note such a disparity in quality between the chapters. Yes “Improvisations” or “Relativity Inquiry”Accumulate good ideas,“Thaw”And“Harvest”Flirt with the filling. Not enough to make us regret this trip available in the Game Pass, but enough to let us imagine what Genesis Noir could have been if all the planets had aligned.

The notes

+Good points

  • An aesthetic like no other
  • Superb sound environment
  • Original screenplay

Negative points

  • The strictly playful aspect largely set back
  • Basic puzzles that are seldom renewed
  • No saving during chapter
  • Still some bugs

To play Genesis Noir is to dive into a universe of rare originality. Supported by incredible artistic direction, the narrated story holds some defining moments. Unfortunately, on the gameplay side, it’s a bit of a playful black hole. The few puzzles follow each other and look alike, without great genius or great inventiveness. Although the aesthetic / game mechanics balance is totally unbalanced, the title of Fellow Traveler is interesting to browse. A trip like no other which looks at itself more than it plays: our eyes sparkle, but our hands do not fully benefit from it.

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