Genopets, powered by Solana, redefines NFT gaming with its “Move-to-Earn” concept

Genopets is the world’s first NFT Move-to-Earn game where players are rewarded for staying active.

In recent months, we have seen the rise of “Play to Win” games like Axie Infinity as people seek some kind of additional income in these uncertain times.

But the Move-to-Earn game puts that concept in a different twist by incorporating phones and wearables to turn real-world steps into in-game rewards.

“Working long hours in an office makes it difficult to balance personal care. We believe that health should not be compromised by wealth. Health is wealth. That is why we created Genopets. The first NFT Move-to-Earn game that allows you to earn crypto to stay active in your daily life. “

The Genopets game

Running on the Solana blockchain, Genopets encapsulates the concept of keeping your personal Genopet, an NFT digital spirit animal, to level up.

By logging in on their phone or portable device, users are rewarded for participating in physical activities. These rewards accumulate in the form of $ KI tokens, which allow you to evolve your animal, alchemy crystals, create new habitats and participate in battles.

The developers claim that the game borrows elements from the Tamagotchi game of the 90s, in which players had to take care of their virtual pet keychain, as well as “train and fight” Pokémon.

“Genopets combines the care and evolution of Tamagotchi with the training and fighting of Pokémon in asynchronous puzzle minigames.”

In Genopets, players can explore the Genoverse, unlock fantasy kingdoms, craft items, and take on other players in battle.

What are the game mechanics?

Data tracked by your phone / wardrobe advances your Genopet NFT by accumulating XP to progress through the game.

Instead of a traditional sedentary gaming experience, more physically active users will see their NFT Genopet scale faster, increasing their monetary value and stats, giving them an advantage in battle.

The $ GENE token, which forms the basis of NFT’s ownership, is free. Unlike Axie Infinity, which requires the purchase of three characters, whose minimum price is now in the hundreds of dollars after its increase in popularity in recent months. At the same time, the $ KI token is the in-game reward that players get.

The health or status of a Genopet is measured in XP; the more active the user, the higher the XP. Another element of the game comes in the form of genetic crystals that affect the evolution of your animal. For example, fire crystals that give the pet a fire attack move and alter its appearance.

Paul Veradittakit, a partner at Pantera Capital, said the “Play-to-Earn” game has “struck a chord” with users and is poised to transform the gaming industry.

“This is a trend that we have followed very closely. We believe it will fundamentally transform the established gaming industry and bring millions of users to the crypto ecosystem. “

With this, Genopets is in a good position to capture a market segment that wants to be rewarded for being active.

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