Geo-Trace, a trailblazer in Treba sports ground tracking.

Geo-Trace, founded in 2020, is a pioneering company in the field of tracking sports fields with a GPS-guided robot.

It was very difficult for Sandra Loire, Trebenn, to hold demonstrations for the municipalities of Occitania interested in this revolutionary robot during the many periods of Covid.

But nothing, Sandra “protects her child” with all her might and throughout Occitania, from Aveyron to the Haute-Garonne and the Eastern Pyrenees, without forgetting Aude … The robot traces its path, but above all along the lines of a football field or a rugby field.

During this period of resumption of sports meetings, when footballers and rugby players return to the stadiums, calls are becoming more urgent.

Seen from the sky

Sandra alone controls the robot. Using built-in GPS and satellite images stored on its tablet, the robot calculates where to draw the lines before doing the requested job.

Once the exact points have been entered and saved, plotting begins. A can of white paint is placed in the robot, and the compressor is started.

The first clients remained. Sandra is delighted with this fidelity. Elite stadiums in search of excellence, amateur stadiums looking for standard or well-defined pitches, Sandra and her robot provide the mission.

A novelty has just enriched the services: the creation of personalized messages “seen from the sky”. The robot has the ability to write advertising messages or just club letters on the lawns. Pamier, Narbonne, Saint-Sulpice turned to the services of La Trebenne.

Compliance with standards, trace quality, saving time on re-tracing… Archery, discus or hammer throw… The robot is also able to trace the corresponding lines or circles… Spread the word!

Contact: 06 25 48 71 51.

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