Technology becomes Indy and raises 35 million euros to deploy its accounting robot on the American market

The start-up, which will now operate under the Indy name, has announced a round of funding of 35 million euros in series B, led by Singular, with the renewed support of Alven and Kerala.

This new fundraising should allow the Lyon nugget to develop new functionalities, extend its offer to more tax regimes – such as craftsmen who come under the Industrial and Commercial Profits (BIC) regime – and to embark on the market. American market. To do this, it will recruit more than 100 employees, including sales representatives, developers and product managers, in Lyon. The new identity aims to assert a positioning of “true ally of the independents“.

“3 to 5 times cheaper” than an accountant

Created in 2016 under the name “Georges the accounting robot”, Indy has developed a solution for automating accounting tasks based on machine learning. It targets in particular independent professionals who must use a chartered accountant or manage themselves “time-consuming accounting that is perceived as anxious“, explains the start-up. A model which must”free hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs from their administrative chores“, adds Côme Fouques, co-founder of the young shoot with Adrien Plat, Pablo Larvor and Romain Koenig.

The application allows them to carry out their accounting and declarations very easily online, in accordance with the standards of the Tax Administration, “for 3 to 5 times cheaper while being supported by particularly responsive customer service“, assures the Lyon company.

40,000 customers

Indie targets in particular entrepreneurs in EURL, SARL, SAS and SASU after having started with liberal professions in BNC (Non-commercial profits), such as doctors, physiotherapists, lawyers or even graphic designers. This new offer “has found its audience as the company is multiplying its growth by 3 this year, in line with previous years“.

To date, it claims 40,000 customers and employs more than 100 people in its offices in Lyon. Indie, which raised 10 million euros in 2019, aims to triple its income again in 2021. The French market represents more than 6 million self-employed while the American market is estimated at 24 million self-employed in providing service.

Aude Chardenon


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